Our Signature LifePlanner™ Is a True Work of Art!

From the design to the printing, coiling and assembling, so much goes into each book. Let's take a look behind the scenes at the making of a LifePlanner™.

Inspired By You

When we design the LifePlanner™, we look to feedback from our trusted community. From surveys to comments on our social media and conversations with our customer service team, we take all input into consideration. Our cover designs are inspired by what's trending this season! Whether we're going after gorgeous geometric patterns, artistic florals, luxe accents or playful vintage designs, we take our cue from fashion trends.

High-Quality Paper

Printing our book is no small consideration. We take pride in using the highest quality paper, making sure we offer a luxurious writing experience for all those planning in a LifePlanner™. We're proud to use Mohawk paper from a mill in upstate New York in our planners. This 80# text weight paper beautifully holds the ink from our best-selling dual-tip markers & other colorful writing tools!

Coiled by Hand

Each LifePlanner™ is coiled by hand. We don't rely on machinery because we love inspecting each book, handling each coil and ensuring that the end result is of the premium quality we pride ourselves on. The LifePlanner™ doesn't come uncoiled for a reason; these sturdy aluminum coils are as durable as they are stylish (you can choose between black, platinum, rose gold or gold!)

Our New Planner Storage Box

The newest addition to our LifePlanner™ family is a stylish Kaleidoscope storage box! The uses for this beautiful box are virtually limitless, from a planner keepsake box to storing stickers and interchangeable covers to storing PetitePlanners & Petite Journals, notebooks, accessories, stationery & more! What fun ways will you use your pretty planner storage box?!

Made in the USA

We're so proud to say that every LifePlanner™ is designed, printed, assembled, coiled by hand and shipped in the USA! We hope that giving you background on the LifePlanner™ helps you better understand all the love we put into each book.

LifePlanner™ Is More Than a Planner; It’s a Lifestyle.

“We all struggle to keep it together sometimes. Good thing there's a planner for that! The LifePlanner™ is the one place to document our lives, plan out our dreams, and achieve our goals.” - Sara Stone @ispeakfluentcoffee

“My LifePlanner™ is my guiding light. I keep it open on my kitchen desk and constantly check in with it. I archive my book at the end of the year, and it stores away everything from the big events down to the minute details of every day.” - Amanda Whitley @amandasfavorites

“From work, school, blogging, and everything in between, I don’t know what I would do without my LifePlanner™!” - Linda Penitusi LA Plans

Enjoy using the bestselling LifePlanner™ to plan a life you LOVE!