Coiled Planners, Softbound Planners,
Ring Agenda Planners & More

Learn the difference between spiral planners, softbound planners, ring agenda planners, even binder planners. You can also take our updated planner quiz to find the perfect planner that fits your planning needs and style!

Coiled Planners

For those who love creative, customizable, and personalizable organizers

Best-selling spiral planners include the LifePlanner™, Teacher Lesson Planner, Monthly Planner, Academic Planner, and more. Key features include highly customizable options, thick 80-pound text weight paper, sturdy coils, interchangeable covers or permanent vegan leather covers, coiled-in stickers, and the ability to add on snap-in accessories.

For those who crave creativity, fun fused with function, and ultimate customization, coiled planning is the way to go.

Customize your perfect coiled planner here.

Softbound Planners

For those who value lay-flat, slim, and portable organizers

Favorite softbound planners range from our Softbound LifePlanner™ to our Softbound Teacher Lesson Planner, A5 Softbound Academic Planners, and more (new softbound planners launching soon!). Key features include colorful or minimal design options, lay-flat and lefty-friendly structure, thick 80-pound text weight paper, and a scratch-resistant vegan leather cover. For those who prefer a sleek planner that truly lays flat, give softbound planning a try.

Ring Agenda Planners

For those who prefer compact, professional, and portable organizer folios

Plan it out, stay organized, and carry your essentials in one stylish place with our LifePlanner™ Ring Agendas. An A5 vegan leather planner and folio in one, this organizer features our signature design detailing, thick Mohawk Paper, daily and weekly layout options, note pages, stickers, storage pockets, and more. Now you can add on ring agenda inserts and productivity dashboards to enhance your planner.

Learn more and customize your new ring agenda planner here.

Binder Planners

For those who need flexible, durable, and rearrangeable planning systems

Our binder planners include the LifePlanner™ Binder and Teacher Lesson Planner Binder. Key features include a daily layout for the LifePlanner™ and weekly lesson planning layout for our teacher planner in a beautiful, durable binder, plus the ability to add on inserts, snap-in accessories, and more. For those who like the freedom to add, remove, and rearrange pages in a binder format, you’ll love binder planning.

Personalize your new favorite binder planner here.

Which planner is best for you?

If you’re still not sure which planner is right for your personality, planning needs, and style, no worries! Take our quick planner quiz to find your perfect planner.