Spread the LOVE 5 ways to pay it to forward this month

Spread the Love!

While February is the month of LOVE, every month needs its fair share of love, and we're taking that theme to *heart* with ideas for spreading and sharing that love each month!

1) Smile at Strangers Who Cross Your Path

Now more than ever, we all need positive social signals to brighten each day. When you smile just because (even with only your eyes!), it's the most pleasant surprise and a powerful boost of kindness that can make all the difference for those around you. Bonus! It also boosts your mood too. It's nice to be nice.

2) Leave Compliment Cards for Friends & Family

Our colorful compliment cards were designed to brighten someones day with an inspirational saying and room for a sweet note. Enjoy attaching them to mirrors for loved ones to see, leaving them at neighbors' doors to remind them you care, popping them on a gift or sending via snail mail!

3) Send Surprise Flowers

Have a long-distance bestie or know someone who could use a bouquet of blooms? Pick a stunning arrangement and send "just because" buds as a burst of positivity!

4) Drop Off Champagne for Your Neighbor

Best.Neighbor.Ever! Pick up a bottle of bubbly for your next door neighbor and leave on their porch for an unexpected pick-me-up!

5) Host a Gratitude Journaling Night

Invite friends to a virtual gratitude journaling party! Set intentions, write goals and priorities and feel the love and appreciation for what you have in your life!

These are just a few sample ideas for the innumerable ways you can pay it forward this month and the rest of the year!