Spread the LOVE 5 ways to pay it to forward this month

Spread the Love!

February is the month of LOVE and we're taking that theme to *heart* with ideas for spreading and sharing that love all month long!

1) Buy a Stranger Coffee

Whether you're purchasing the coffee of the stranger behind you in the Starbucks drive-through line or buying a coffee and giving it to a stranger on your train commute, make someone's day with a little java.

2) Leave Compliment Cards for Friends & Family

Our colorful compliment cards were designed to brighten someones day with an inspirational saying and room for a sweet note. We love leaving them on coworker's desks, attaching to a gift or sending via snail mail!

3) Send Surprise Flowers

Have a long-distance bestie or know someone who could use a bouquet of blooms? Pick a stunning arrangement and send "just because" buds as a burst of positivity!

4) Drop Off Champagne for Your Neighbor

Best.Neighbor.Ever! Pick up a bottle of bubbly for your next door neighbor and leave on their porch for an unexpected pick-me-up!

5) Host a Gratitude Journaling Night

Invite friends over for a low-key night of gratitude journaling! Set intentions, write goals and priorities and feel the love and appreciation for what you have in your life!

These are just a few sample ideas for the innumerable ways you can pay it forward this month- and the rest of the year!