Now is the BEST time to get organized, maximize stress-free productivity and get things done so you can have some fun! To motivate and inspire you, we’ve collected five stress-free productivity tips from LifePlanner™ customers around the globe.With these simple tricks, you can reduce stress, increase organization and plan a life you love!

1. Break up big tasks into simple steps.

Kayla lifeplanner testimonial

“When planning big projects and goals, pick a deadline and work backward and plan out smaller objectives. That way you have plenty of time to complete your goal in smaller, bite-sized to-do list items rather than feeling like you have to do everything at once. Plus, your deadline won’t sneak up on you!”

– Kayla, @ohhelloliving

2. Organize your life around what you love!

Meka allen lifeplanner

“Start with what matters most. What do you value at your core? Then plan your days around that.”

-Meka , @yespleaseplanning

3. Share the gift of organization!

Angela The Thrifty Pineapple LifePlanner testimonial

“My mom and I are completely obsessed with our Erin Condren LifePlanners! So, I wanted to give her some EC accessories for Mother’s Day that would take her planning to the next level.”

-Angela from The Thrifty Pineapple, Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom with a Plan

4. Great days begin with great plans!

Chevonne lifeplanner

“Write things down & plan your day the night before.”

– Chevonne, @thiswellplannedlife

5. Plan ahead & stay flexible!

Kaden lifeplanner

“Life can be so hectic! I love using the Snap-In StylizedSticky™ Notes for planning ahead. The sticky notes are always in my planner and make it easy to write plans down and move them around when plans change.”

-Kaden, @kadennn5

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