Blogger Takeover: Desk Organization With @FleurDille

Anna Cobbs is a speech pathologist, blogger, and full-time mom to 3 and 5 year old daughters. Like every mom, she wears many hats and navigates a jam-packed schedule. When she’s not switching gears from mom to business owner to wife to friend, Anna is coming up with clever ways to stay organized and is so excited to share some of those today!

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How To Properly Write a Thank You Note

10909_16-11-29There is something to be said for a well-written thank you note, and thankfully, we’ve got plenty stunning stationery designs to add some glamour to your gratitude! First rule of thumb, don’t stress about the process. No matter what you send, a handwritten note is leaps and bounds more thoughtful than a digital message, so you’re already ahead of the game! Take a couple of these tips into consideration as you sit down to write your holiday thank-you’s:

1. Double, triple, quadruple check your spelling. This may seem fairly obvious, but there is a lot to be said for crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s!

2. Select stationery that speaks to your style! Tackling your thank-you’s is a lot more enjoyable when you can write them on stationery that reflects your personality! Play with personalization and color to make it your own, and match your cards to a brightly colored envelope for a pop of color that will stand out in a stack of mail!

3. Few words? Fill the space! Don’t be intimidated by a large space to fill, just increase your font size! That way it doesn’t look too bare.

4. Be specific. No one likes a generic e-mail disguised as a personalized note, so why do the same to your friends and family? Even if the thanks may be obligatory, the more specific you can be with what you are thanking them for, the more personal and profound the message will be.

5. Seal the deal! As a finishing touch, try sealing your envelope with an address label, sticker or washi tape! It’s an adorable addition that will delight the recipient before they even open it.

Ready to send your best thank you’s yet? Shope our selection of customizable stationery!

Let’s Party: Au Fudge Press Event

You don’t need to ask me twice to throw a party… so when my team came up with the brilliant idea to host a press event showcasing our new LifePlanner™, I was immediately sold. We reserved a serene space at the amazing new restaurant, Au Fudge in West Hollywood and began the party prep. We knew there had to be food, flowers and FUN, and so there was just that. Mixed summertime blooms in bright corals, pinks and yellows brought the LifePlanner™ party to life one pop of color at a time.

As the intimate group of influencers started to trickle in, the room began to beam with excitement and chatter of which layout each attendee had chosen. We pre-printed each gal’s book to ensure she was ready to rock her new LifePlanner™ look upon arrival.

We even set up a DIY decorating desk for attendee’s to stage a snapchat or start filling out their new book!

Planning is hard work, so we made sure all attendees we’re fueled up for a long day of chatting and planning with light bites and sweet treats. Mini waffles and tea sandwiches made for a delightfully delicious afternoon.

All that was left was for our guests to go home and start planning. It was such a pleasant afternoon showcasing our new LifePlanner™ collection and getting to know a few of the gals we work with and appreciate so dearly. We can definitely say the event was a success and we can’t wait for the next!

Are you interested in working with us? Please email our team at!


 We are making cleaning a colorful & adorable task in 6 easy steps! Here’s what you will need and how you’ll use it all!
DIY Mop 1
1) Take a traditional (and boring) standard mop and spray paint it the color of your choice! (I picked turquoise, duh!)
DIY Mop 2
2) Infuse it with a little fun using leftover washi tape (your choice based on what you have around!) to brighten up the handle & embrace the trend that’s *sweeping* (pun intended) the nation!
DIY Mop 3
3) Wrangle extra elastic bands (I found a plethora of gold ones for a special touch) and easily slide over the handle to cover the boring standard mop strands
DIY Mop 4

DIY Mop 5
 5) Clean in style…..we like to think of it as “stylize while you sanitize!”
DIY Mop 6
6) Realize that today is April Fool’s Day and we are totally fooling with y’all!
Happy April Fool’s Day!
(p.s. while this was totally a joke, our 25% off TakeNote™ Notebook & Journal sale is NOT! Shop here.)

Blogger Takeover: Planning your days, Three ways with Bloguettes

Bloguettes 1

Deciding on the LifePlanner™ layout that’s right for you can be a difficult task! With all three signature layouts on sale (at 40% off!!!!), now is the time to try one out and discover what the buzz is all about!

Our friends over at Bloguettes helped us out by explaining how each layout works for their unique personalities and preferences based on their job. All three agreed that with busy days filled with meetings, events and miscellaneous office duties, keeping a planner is essential to staying on track and mapping out the week ahead. How they approached their planning was totally varied, however. Read on to see how the different layouts can be utilized and get inspired to get organized!

Lorena (Co-Founder): Horizontal LifePlanner™ 

As one of the cofounders of Bloguettes, every day is different! I chose this particular layout because it’s very open and doesn’t restrict my writing as there is ample room to write any add-ins that may come up within the day, as is always the case. The color of the planner is really what caught my eye. It’s visually appealing and let’s be honest, no one likes to stare at a boring planner! I was able to use my Erin Condren stickers to highlight my daily to-dos on the sides of my weekly view pages, adding another pretty visual to what needed to be accomplished within the day.  I also used colorful EC pens to further systemize my week and categorize my appointments with color coding. I am so excited to confidently take on 2016 with my Erin Condren plannee! Bloguettes 4  Sakura (Co-Founder & Brand Director): Hourly LifePlanner™   

My role at Bloguettes is Creative Brand Director (as well as a Co-Founder). That means everything & anything that is being published by the company must reflect our brand aesthetic and look visually pleasing. My days are always jam-packed with meetings with different company department teams. If I’m not in a meeting, I’m busy shooting YouTube videos, stock photos, you name it! That’s why I need a planner that has a time slot for every 30 minutes. Every planner works differently for everyone, but this specific Erin Condren planner works perfectly with my crazy day-to-day schedule!

 Bloguettes 3

Shanna (Editor): Vertical LifePlanner™

As an editor, I handle everything related to the blog. We have at least one blog post going live every day, which means keeping track of the posting schedule is super important. My particular layout was incredibly helpful for my type of work! Each day is split into three separate chunks. I used the top segment for blog posts, the middle for work (meetings, to-do items, reminders…etc), and the last portion for my personal agenda. It made things a lot more organized and having three specific sections allowed me to quickly glance at it throughout the day and know exactly what to do. There were also lined sections on the sides and bottom of the planner that let me write additional to-do lists or add motivational quotes when I need a spark of inspiration.

My number one trick when using the planner was sticky notes! Blog posts have a tendency to get switched around so writing blog post titles on sticky notes makes it easier to lift & stick items wherever I need to. It’s a lot better than having to erase, or worse, scratch out, entries. Basically, using sticky notes keeps my planner from looking like a hot mess!

Are you feeling inspired!? If you need more help choosing between layouts, check out our lookbook and flip through the pages of each. Don’t vacillate for too long or you’ll miss out on the sale and they’ll be all gone!