Dorm Room Organization Tips from Highly Organized College Students

Learn how to reduce stress and boost college performance with tried-and-true dorm room organization tips from highly organized college students. 

1. Set up a workspace.

You might be tempted to work all over your room, but college organization expert StudyQuill suggests you pick one spot for working. That way, your mind knows to focus on work whenever you sit in that spot.

2. Make decluttering your dorm room a daily habit.

Clutter can be distracting and can keep you from getting your work done. Keep your things organized on your shelves and in drawers and regularly tidy up so that junk doesn’t begin to pile up. A clean space will make it much easier to focus and get things done.

Make decluttering your dorm room a daily habit.

3. Use the storage space under your bed.

Dorm rooms aren’t the biggest spaces, so you have to make the most of your square footage. Professional organizer Laura Abell recommends under-the-bed storage options to optimize your living situation. Whether it’s pull-out drawers or storage boxes, don’t let that under-bed space go to waste!

4. Customize your organization system.

Take your dorm organization to the nexl level … literally. Customize a vertical organization system with a fully personalizable Wall Organizer. Multifunctional and fashionable, you can display your fave photos, inspirational quotes, monthly calendar, weekly to-dos, even store school supplies, post important papers and notes to roommates and more. The best part? It doesn’t take up any of that precious dorm room space!

Customize your organization system

5. HOOK up your dorm room organization.

The decluttering experts at Apartment Therapy create extra space and storage with hooks. Need more bathroom counter space? Hang hairdryers and curling irons on hooks on the inside or your bathroom door. Tired of losing your keys, student ID or keycards? Add a slide-on knob keyholder onto your Wall Organization Center. Simple, smart & organized!

HOOK up your dorm room organization

6. Keep clothes vertical in drawers.

Rather than stack your clothes, one college organization expert suggests rolling and sorting them vertically in your dresser. This makes more space in your drawers and gives you a bird’s-eye view of your wardrobe!

7. Store snacks in a shoe organizer.

Is your snack drawer overflowing? Some clever college students used an over-the-door shoe rack for storing treats. It’s like having your own private vending machine hidden in your closet! Make sure you keep open snacks sealed tight to avoid your clothes smelling like food (or attracting ants)!

8. Get creative with classwork organization.

College is a lot of work (and a lot of paperwork)! Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to organize and track everything. One college student started using stickers as a joke but soon discovered they actually helped her stay motivated and organized in college. She now recommends using stickers daily to track and complete assignments. 

Get creative with classwork organization

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