It’s spring cleaning season! After sheltering in place for so long, most of us can’t wait to clear the clutter and get organized for summer. Here are our top organization tips and tools that can help you clear the quarantine cobwebs and organize your home, office and life.

Spring Cleaning Tip 1: Write down your spring cleaning to-do list.

Writing and planning on paper is powerful. It can help reduce stress, increase mindfulness, improve your memory, boost productivity and more. Plus, crossing off tasks on a to-do list just feels amazing!

“If I don’t get my list onto paper, it stays up there with all my other head clutter. Getting spring cleaning lists onto paper is the first decluttering task.” – Jen Mackintosh, wildflowers & marbles

To get started, try these organization tools:

Spring Cleaning Tip 2: Keep it simple and break it up into steps.

It’s easy to get caught up in spring cleaning inspiration and overdo it, which may result in a half-completed project. Instead, streamline your to-do list, eliminating everything but your top priorities. Then, turn your prioritized to-do list into actionable steps (e.g., 1. declutter, 2. clean, 3. organize).

Spring Cleaning Tip 3: Track your progress with productivity tools.

Spring Cleaning Tip 3: Track your progress with productivity tools

If you love list-making, color-coding and/or habit-tracking, then you know how effective these actions can be at increasing productivity and tracking progress (for yourself, your team, your kids, etc.). 

Easy productivity tools:

Spring Cleaning Tip 4: Make it a team effort.

If you live with others (a partner, kids, roommates …), give them the opportunity to get involved & redesign their living space too. They’re more likely to help keep it organized afterward if they helped make it that way.

Spring Cleaning Tip 5: Let the kids have fun with it!

Give young kids a chance to take pride in keeping their favorite spaces tidy. Help them make it fun by not calling it “spring cleaning.” Instead, call it something exciting like a “spring pick-up party.” Then, let them choose from a shortlist of age-appropriate tasks.

To ensure a positive, rewarding experience for you and the kids, play fun music; use encouragement, not praise, for their effort; and follow it up with rewards!

Kid-friendly organization tools & rewards:

Spring Cleaning Tip 6: Use smart and stylish storage solutions.

Minimize clutter and maximize organization with smart storage boxes, organizers and custom labels. Doing so will help you keep your closets, desks, drawers, garage, etc. organized, streamlined and stylized.

Stylish storage tools & accessories:

Spring Cleaning Tip 7: Take it to the next level with a custom organization system.

Spring Cleaning Tip 7

Spring cleaning is not just a time to clean your home, but rather it’s the best time to organize your schedule, goals & life. From daily checklists to weekly and monthly scheduling, from meal planning to budgeting, health & wellness goals and more, customize a system tailored to your unique organization needs. Build your custom planner system here or grab a good-to-go starter bundle below!

Organization starter bundles:

Ready to clear the clutter, get organized and feel better? Discover more organization tips and spring cleaning organization essentials!

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