Here are 7 can’t-miss LifePlanner™ tips from Laken of PlanWithLaken. Get ready to be inspired to achieve your goals through planning and organization!

How To Make the Most of Your LifePlanner™

Hi! I’m Laken, and this is my sixth year using an Erin Condren LifePlanner™.

Moving into a new planner is a fresh start. Whether it’s your first time in a LifePlanner™, or you’ve been using one for years, here are my top tips for making the MOST of it!

Tip #1: Make it yours!

One of my favorite things about the LifePlanner™ is the personalization. From adding your name and customizing your colors on the cover to the plans you put on each page, your book is unique. Once you’ve taken advantage of these options to make it yours, write your name on the first page to make your new planning journey official!

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Tip #2: Know that sticky notes are your best friend.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE stickers. But plans change! One of my favorite tips is to put a long sticky note on each monthly layout and add plans as they get scheduled. That way, you know when you’re busy without committing to a sticker—just in case!

Know that sticky notes are your best friend

Tip #3: Set up your notes pages in advance.

In the past, I was afraid to write on my notes pages; I was afraid I would “mess them up.” The result? I never ended up using them!

The planner community has shared a TON of creative ideas on how to use your notes pages, including go-to meals, cleaning schedules, school contact info, gift lists, and more. How will YOU use those pages?

Set up your notes pages in advance

Tip #4: Pick out the perfect pen.

Even though the paper this year is the same gorgeous Mohawk paper, it is still fun to test out pens and decide which ones are your favorites.

Pick out the perfect pen

Tip #5: Allow yourself to explore how to best use the new pages.

This year, there are two new pages in the LifePlanner™ that come before the monthly layout. Whenever there is a new feature in the LifePlanner™, I like to explore different ways to make it work best for me until I figure out exactly how I want to make the most of those pages.

Here’s my initial set-up of one of the new monthly pages—no promises this is how it’ll look in a few months!  

Allow yourself to explore how to best use the new pages

Tip #6: Bust out the stickers!

Diving into the new Erin Condren Sticker Book is one of my favorite things to do! While I am using the neutral layout for the simplicity of the design, I still love adding color to my weekly spreads.

Bust out the stickers!

Tip #7: Update your Perpetual Calendar.

Every year, we get a new Perpetual Calendar in the back pocket of the LifePlanner™. It helps to use the previous Perpetual Calendar as a reference when adding updated info into the new one. This helps me make sure I’m not forgetting to add (or remove) any important dates. 

Update your Perpetual Calendar

Want more tips? Visit the Erin Condren Inspiration Center!

About the Author: Laken is a Texas girl living in NYC with a passion for achieving goals through planning and organization. You can follow her on social at @PlanWithLaken.

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