Teaching kids the essentials of planning can help prevent summer learning loss while developing lifelong organizational skills. Learn how one mom uses the Erin Condren Kids Planner to teach her son planning fundamentals and keep him mentally sharp all year long.

5 Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss with the Erin Condren Kids Planner

What is summer learning loss?

It’s common for most students to lose around two months of reading and math skills learned before the summer break. Teachers call this “summer learning loss” or “summer brain drain.”

How can parents help kids prevent summer learning loss?

Start by setting summer goals and planning a well-rounded summer routine that balances fun, fitness, free play & age-appropriate reading lists and math exercises. This is where a kids planner comes in handy.

Planning influencer and career-driven mom, Michelle, recently got the Erin Condren Kids Planner for her son to help him stay sharp over the summer. Read on for her 5 essential parenting tips for protecting your child from summer learning loss.

Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Hi, planners and parents! I’m Michelle and I’m excited to share how much my son and I appreciate the New EC Kids Planner!

My mom was an educator and believed in keeping me not only physically fit but also mentally fit. We would get up every morning during summer break and take a walk. After our walk, she would give me the worksheets that I had to complete before being able to go outside with friends. This routine taught me how to prioritize, plan a balanced life and stay curious in and out of school.

Now, I plan to give my son the same well-rounded summer experiences, using the Erin Condren Kids Planner.

Here are 5 tips for preventing summer learning loss using the EC Kids Planner

Prevent Summer Learning Loss

1. Get kids thinking at the start of every day.

The Kids Planner has engaging activities and prompts that get kids thinking. After a good breakfast, encourage your child to do brief planner activity. Using colorful pencils and markers make it more fun!

My son loves the fun prompts, activities and, especially, tracking his “coins” with the allowance tracker.

Kids Planner reading saving goal spreads

2. Create a summer reading list with the planner reading log.

Make a whole fun trip out of going to the library to choose books to read. Make a list together and set weekly or monthly goals.

3. Take the planner on the go.

Use the planner as a summer travel guide during vacation or for visiting fun local destinations. It comes with a resealable planner pouch to protect it while out and about. Or you or your child can customize a Planner Folio to carry it in, along with worksheets, pencils & stickers. Encourage kids to take it with them to log summer memories along the way.

Planner Folio

4. Map out summer goals in the planner calendar.

Create summer goals (for math, reading, personal milestones and the like) and schedule them in the summer calendar months. This will help both parents and kids stay on task, follow through and feel great about achieving summer goals.

I love how the Kids Planner makes it fun and easy for my son to explore and develop his own planning style.

5. Make it personal.

Take pictures weekly and make photo stickers out of them. Then, use them as journaling prompts in the planner. This is a fun, personalized way to improve writing skills and memory building!

Kids Planner about my family spread

If you like planning with your child, you’ll love the new Mommy & Me Planning Bundle.

Here’s Michelle’s cutie-pie unboxing his Kids Planner!

What a smart way to help kids stay sharp all summer long and plan ahead for the next school year!

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