At-home learning is a challenge many of us are facing for the first time, on top of other unprecedented challenges. If you have to work from home while homeschooling kids, then you know it’s anything but easy; and most of our team are right there with you! That’s why we’ve curated our top tips and tricks to help you get organized and make homeschooling and working from home less stressful and more successful!

1. Dress for at-home learning success.

When the kids are at home for most of the day, it’s so tempting to dress like it. However, their mindset, attitude, and behavior tend to mirror how they present themselves. A simple hack to prepare for at-home learning each day is to have the kids put the pajamas away and get dressed as if they were going to school. 

2. Follow a consistent schedule so kids know what to expect.

At home learning tips follow a consistent weekly schedule
At home learning tips follow a consistent weekly schedule

Try “walking to school” each weekday morning before starting remote learning for the day. Even if it’s a brief walk around the block, this helps kids (and parents) mentally prepare to “go to school,” even though they’re at home. Doing so can prime students to focus, engage, learn, and retain more information. Likewise, try to follow the school break schedule so the kids (and you) can recharge with a little exercise, hydration, or snack, before diving back in.

3. Plan out each at-home learning week.

Plan out each at-home learning week
At Home Learning Tips plan out the week

Use a planner or desk pad to plan out the week (and month if you can), involve the kids in the process so they know what to expect each week. It’s important for kids to see and follow a schedule while they’re home from school. Use a weekly schedule pad to help the kids create and follow their new weekly homeschool schedule. You can even include fun lunch menu items they can look forward to! 

Back to School 2020 Homeschooling and Remote Learning Tips and Tools teacher lesson planner
Back to School 2020 Homeschooling and Remote Learning Tips and Tools teacher lesson planner

Fun fact: Parents report using the Teacher Lesson Planner helps with at-home learning, specifically with assignment tracking, online class meetings, and curriculum tracking.*

4. No lying in the bed during school time.

Be sure to set up a desk, or table/counter, for studying during school hours. For best results, set it up in a space that’s full of natural light, open, and in a common room that’s not distracting so you can keep an eye on them and be accessible to them if they need help. Add a little green to their desk for a simple, natural mood booster – a real plant or even a realistic fake plant will do!

No lying in the bed during school time

5. Let the student pick school supplies that motivate and inspire them!

Motivation plays a huge role in academic success, especially with at-home learning. Let students pick out school supplies that they’re eager to use in class. Then, help them set their desk up for success, no matter where it is. Help them organize and decorate their desktop space with the school supplies they chose. The right type of desk organization can get kids excited about at-home learning, not to mention help them focus and stay productive.

6. Keep kids motivated.

Getting kids motivated for at-home learning is one thing; keeping them that way is another! An easy way to keep that motivation fresh is by helping students rearrange their desktop organization from time to time, refresh their desk decoration with new washi tape and stickers, even rotate out or add one new school supply every so often, whatever does the trick!

Keep kids motivated

7. Infuse the at-home learning environment with school visual cues.

Add a piece of their school environment to their new homeschool space by printing and displaying a picture or two of them with their classmates, teachers, and/or their school building, mascot, etc.

8. No recreational screen time until school is completed.

Help kids stay focused and separate at-home learning from at-home fun by limiting TV and video game time to after school and homework is completed for the day. This also serves as a reward after a successful day of remote learning!

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*Source: August 2020 Teacher Lesson Planner customer survey N=3,926

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