5 Fast Family Organization Tips & Wall Organization Center Hacks

Between hectic work schedules and holiday travel & events, school exams, breaks and extracurricular activities, family life can get quite chaotic! When it comes to organizing a house full of demanding schedules, it’s okay if everything isn’t perfect! As you and the kids navigate a bustling holiday season and prep for 2020, the Erin Condren Wall Organization Center can make it that much easier to prioritize, get organized and stay organized. 

Wall Organization Center

Family organization can seem overwhelming when you first start, but having one designated space can really simplify the process. This is truly why we decided to design a product to sync the whole family.

The Wall Organization Center has personalizable inserts that truly fit your family’s unique schedule and style. You can choose whichever layout works for each season of your family life. For example, the monthly calendar layout is ideal during less structured times like over those school breaks. When the kids are in school, you can switch to the weekly layout to manage juggling all those school events, sports practice, tutoring and more.

No matter how your family prefers to plan, here are our top five family organization tips using the Wall Organization Center—from menu planning to family checklists, personal to-dos, career goals and more! 

monthly calendar

1. Create a unique system for your family organization needs.

Whether you need to see the entire month at once, or you like breaking down the tasks by day or week, there are so many customization options for you to explore. The Checklist board is great for instilling habits and routines in children, or keeping all family members accountable and on the same page, while our designer whiteboard layouts may be a better fit for open planning, notes and your thought process. There is no “one size fits all” approach to organization. As long as you commit to finding what works for you and strive for progress, not perfection, you’re on your way! 

Create a unique system for your family organization needs.

2. Place your family organization center in a common area.

Getting your family in the habit of checking in with each other’s schedule is important. Set your Wall Organization Center, calendar, or whatever organization system you’re committed to, in a central location so everyone can easily see it. The kitchen is a smart choice since everyone in the family has to eat! When the kids are grabbing their lunch and walking through on their way to school, they can clearly see written reminders of activities and events happening the rest of the week. The front door or back door (whichever your family uses most) is also a great location so everyone sees the organization center when they leave and return. 

Place your family organization center in a common area

3. Keep your family organization system flexible.

Family organization requires a certain level of flexibility. It’s important to build in some wiggle room to accommodate all members of the family. You need to go about organization in a way that allows you to continuously make small adjustments on the path to finding the rhythm that works for you & your family. 

Keep your family organization system flexible

4. Save time, money and food with family meal planning.

No more wondering what’s for dinner! Meal planning is an essential family organization solution. Using the Weekly Schedule Wall Organization Center as a weekly menu board can save you money, help establish healthy family eating habits, minimize food waste and save a ton of time!  

Picky eaters? If you get the kids to participate in the meal planning process, they’re more likely to eat what they helped plan. Want to get the family to eat healthier food? Your family is more likely to eat the healthy choices you pick out together, rather than skip meals, ruin appetites or make “hangry” fast food runs. Bonus, meal planning helps cut down on overspending at the grocery store, which leads to less food waste and more money in the bank! 

Save time, money and food with family meal planning

5. Make one night a week Family Planning Night.

Try setting aside time on Sundays, or whatever day of the week works best for your family, to plan out the week ahead together. Dedicating 20 minutes or so to plan the week ahead can make it easier to set weekly goals and prioritize a runaway list of to-dos. Planning together can help reduce stress, save time, boost morale and accountability and improve overall family organization. 

Gather the whole family around a weekly schedule board and give each member the chance to talk about a goal they want to accomplish in the upcoming week. Then, you can move on to the week’s appointments, events, special occasions and so on. 

Consider making Family Planning Night a tradition in your household. It can help center each family member, strengthen your family bond and prepare all of you for any surprises in the week ahead. (Plus, it’s a great habit to teach the kids!)

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