To-do lists are helpful and practical for tracking tasks. But plans change, and those lists can get messy and cluttered. Try drawing a to-do picture instead. It’s a great way to declutter your tasks! Here’s how it’s done …

Declutter Your Life with Visual Maps

Productivity experts Petr Ludwig and Adela Schicker suggest making a “visual map” of your to-do list. Visual maps help streamline, prioritize and organize tasks, checklists and plans.

Simply draw your to-do list on a planner page or paper, using different shapes, pictures and colors to make it more fun. Arrange your tasks all over the page, connecting them with arrows or lines. Using stickers, markers and drawings help make those to-do lists easier to read, follow & remember!

Here’s an example of a visual map that the authors created.

A colorful and lively page is more engaging to the eye and can give you visual reminders about your goals. In fact, drawing a picture of something is proven to boost your memory!

How To Organize with Visual Lists

How To Organize with Visual Lists

 Keep it simple!

Make a visual to-do list you can understand in a single glance. Avoid extra words and unnecessary details. Declutter your list with pictures!

Color-code your life!

Choose different colors for different tasks (work, family, personal projects, etc). This way, you can quickly see how balanced your life is at any given moment.

Add some stickers!

Stickers are a fun & easy way to help stick to those plans while making your visual to-do list visually appealing! We’ve got so MANY sticker choices to keep your map fresh and fun! 

Add some stickers!

Create movement.

Instead of a single column, let your to-do list float all over the page. Connect the items with arrows so you see how your schedule flows.

Whip those tasks into shape!

Whether you prefer circles, squares or ovals, using different shapes on your visual map helps break up the information and make it easy to understand at a glance.

Get creative!

When a task is accomplished, mark it completed with bright markers, stickers or tape. It’s satisfying checking a task off your to-do list. So, celebrate with a  splash of creativity!

You don’t have to be Picasso to create a visually appealing to-do list.

A Dot-Grid Petite Journal or a Dot-Grid Productivity Notepad makes visual to-do lists a snap!

Get creative!

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