Classroom Organization Tips from Highly Organized Teachers

Reduce stress, improve teacher-student relationships & spark more joy in day-to-day teaching with these classroom organization tips shared by highly organized teachers.

When it comes to classroom organization, everything starts with the teacher’s desk. You’ll want it clean and organized to lay the foundation of your entire classroom organization system. We all know how much kids learn from our example. The experts at TeachThought remind us to find the ideal desk placement so that you can see all of the activities going on in the room.

Here’s a fun fact: teachers who took the time to make an organized classroom report major benefits like less fatigue, better relationships with students & parents, and big boost in job satisfaction!

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Color code your classroom.

Add some elevated practicality to your classroom with color-themed classroom zones, suggests We Are Teachers. You can associate different colors with different activities—red for the reading area, green for the gardening corner, and an orange for the painting zone. These colors might help the kids during clean up time.

Use filing boxes to organize supplies & assignments.

Grab some extra space storage with additional filing boxes to manage the paperwork & supplies you’ll hand out all year. This works especially well for construction paper, preventing crumpled edges.

Erin Condren Teacher Appreciation
Erin Condren Teacher Appreciation

Display books with covers facing out!

Here’s a simple classroom organization hack to encourage reading: Set up books so students can see the full front covers of the books Brown Bag Teacher discovered that kids are more likely to read when they can see the illustrated covers. Make sure to change the display often!

Optimize with a Wall Organization Center.

If your classroom doesn’t have a wall organization system, consider taking your classroom to the next level with the most customizable Wall Organization Center on the market. Match your classroom color codes with a fashionable & multi-functional organization hub, perfect for keeping track of student activities!

Jen Mackintosh home organization super center
Jen Mackintosh home organization super center

Make a bin for every subject.

Instead of collecting classwork in a single file, one fun & functional teacher made colored bins on a rolling cart, using one bin for each subject. At the end of the day, you simply paperclip the papers in each bin, and each subject is easily organized for grading!

Reuse everything to create classroom organization.

Classrooms have lots of small items that need organizing, so keep an assortment of cute containers to store your teaching supplies. Old muffins tins, photo boxes, mason jars, tackle boxes and suitcases are a few storage ideas to recycle & declutter your classroom at the same time.

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Streamline assignments with an absent board.

One super-organized teacher created a bulletin board with columns labeled Monday-Friday.  You can hang manila folders inside each column, adding extra copies of worksheets and other assignments in the folders. When students return after missing a day of school, they will know exactly where to look for homework.

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Erin Condren x giving back to teachers
Erin Condren x giving back to teachers

Are you struggling to keep your classroom organized on a budget? DonorsChoose helps teachers connect with generous donors around the country. Every year, we donate a portion of our Teacher Lesson Planner sales to this wonderful organization.

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