Find out how to unplug and reduce screen time in order to make Sunday a day of relaxation and self-care. Start your screen detox today with these eight screen-free tips!

Welcome to Self-Care Sunday! Sundays are for relaxing. It’s the one day of the week you should make time for yourself. Slow down, do something you enjoy and recharge. This Sunday, we’re slowing down to unplug, reduce screen time & de-stress.

8 Tips for Unplugging & Reducing Screen Time

1. Take baby steps toward reducing screen time.

You might be surprised how hard it can be to unplug. Start by regularly scheduling 15 minutes of screen-free time. Once you get into the habit, increase to 30 minutes, then an hour, two hours, etc.

Fun Fact: One study proved that unplugging every day will also help you focus & be more productive. Research has also proven that reducing screen time helps de-stress after the day’s work, making you happier, healthier & more productive!

2. Bedtime is no time for screen time.

This is important for everyone in your family. The blue glow of a device is proven to disrupt sleep. Keeping devices out of the bedroom builds better sleep habits for grown-ups and puts kids on a healthier course as they grow.

3. Try journaling instead of scrolling.

Going offline for longer than 10 minutes might feel strange at first. Journaling is the perfect way to fill that time while reflecting and boosting mindfulness. Find a journal that works for you and just start writing!

4. Make Sunday a device-free day.

Taking Sunday to go screenless will let you attend to things that are important to you. Socialize IRL (in real life), try out that new recipe, catch up on to-dos that have been weighing on your mind, etc. Whatever you choose to do with your screen-free time, you’ll feel good about yourself because you took that time to be more productive.

5. Stack those smartphones at mealtime.

Make a family rule that keeps smartphones, tablets & TV off during meals. If you are out at a restaurant, try playing the phone stack game. Simply stack everyone’s phones upside down on the table. Whoever goes the longest without touching their phone wins!

6. Use a paper planner instead of an app.

Every minute you spend with a paper planner is automatically unplugged & off screens. As an added benefit, and unlike planner apps, you can organize, view and store everything all together with a paper planner. So add a little extra time with your paper planner every day and enjoy less screen time, less stress and more productivity!

Fun Fact: 89% of Erin Condren customers agree that the LifePlanner™ helped them reduce stress; and 93% agree that it helped them be more productive!*

7. Unplug and pamper yourself.

Your screen-free time doesn’t need to be all about organizing! Why not treat yourself to a little bit of self-care? Take a hot bath, read a book or go out with friends with your extra time!

8. Unplug and play!

The American Academy of Pediatrics tells parents to encourage unplugged play during childhood. This device-free time helps a young brain stay healthy, encouraging creative thinking & reasoning skills that will help kids succeed in school.

Fun Fact: Adults benefit from playing too!

Whatever activity gives you joy, energy and releases tension while expanding your creativity, do it! Playing is a fun and healthy way to de-stress and refresh so you’re happier and more productive when it’s time to things done!

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*Source: March 2019 Customer Survey.  N = 16,684


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