Happy October, National Hispanic Heritage Month, LGBTQIA+ History Month, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month! (If you’re still reeling from the fact that it’s already October, we’re right there with you.) 

We have a lot of exciting things to share with you about our diversity, equity, and inclusion work in Q3! Thanks again for holding space for our quarterly updates. 

Giveback Collections

We launched our sixth artist collaboration, this time in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s such a beautiful collection of useful products that help you stay organized and it gives back to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund through October 15. We encourage you to check out the talented artists, their incredible artwork, and the inspiration behind their designs on our blog

We also expanded our Featured Artists page on our website to include all artists and their collections, and not just the most recent collaboration. Since each collection supports the featured artists for a full year, even past the giveback period, we wanted to make it easy for you to discover their work and continue to support them. You can discover all 26 diverse artists and their collections at erincondren.com/featured-artists.

We also launched our Breast Cancer Research Fund collection, which gives back to BCRF through the end of October. Sam Kuhr, breast cancer survivor and a beloved member of our EC Team, shared helpful tips on how to support a loved one diagnosed with breast cancer, including useful, uplifting gift ideas that keep giving.

Community Outreach

KIPP Schools Planner Donation Testimonial 1 Diversity Inclusion
KIPP Schools Planner Donation Testimonial 1 Diversity Inclusion

For one of the most challenging back-to-school seasons, our DEI Council Community Outreach team organized donations of new school supplies to over 25 schools and communities in need. They’re currently in the middle of preparing more for Q4. 


We’ve enrolled our DEI Council leaders in an advanced Cornell D&I certification course and we’re continuing our company-wide social justice training to ensure new hires have the same opportunity for training and education.

Next Steps

We plan to finish out the year strong and have a lot of exciting things in store for Q4, including embracing the season of giving by expanding our giveback collections! We look forward to also sharing updates on Phase 2 of our Community Outreach, our second annual end-of-year update, including more donation details, 2021 highlights, and what’s on deck for 2022!

-Tonia Misvaer, CEO

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