Learn how Sarah O’Brien of Plan Sarah Plan used the Erin Condren LifePlanner™ to set, achieve and exceed her goals, winning the Plan Your Way to 5K contest and changing her life! Read Sarah’s story and get inspired!

How Planning Changed My Life

The previous Erin Condren planning contest, Plan Your Way to 5K, was such a fun challenge! I remember how the weekly questions really made me work to articulate exactly what the various facets of planning meant to me and how planning had changed my life

When the final prompt came out asking for a 60-second video response, my family was in the midst of some big life changes and unusual family expenses, including our younger son’s approaching wedding day! 

The question was, “How has planning changed your life?” The answer was clear to me. 

How I Used My LifePlanner™ to Set a Goal & Achieve It!

I am a piano teacher, and during the previous year, I had used my Erin Condren LifePlanner™ to set a goal to compose one new piece of music per month. My students got on board with the project and loved the big reveal of a new piece to learn every four weeks. 

After seven months of sticking to my plan of composing new music, I decided to add another phase to the plan: publication! I submitted my music to Jennifer Eklund, a visionary woman like Erin Condren and owner of Piano Pronto Publishing. Jennifer embraced my monthly composition project and agreed to publish my music in a collection called Full Circle: A Year in Twelve Pieces. 

The book was successful! 

How My LifePlanner™ Helped Me Keep Winning!

Planning in my LifePlanner™ held me accountable to my goal and helped me achieve so much that I kept planning and composing new music.

I now have three published collections of piano pieces for students (and counting)! I’m even traveling this summer to present my music at a large music expo. 

The pieces I wrote that first year have been performed all over the United States in recitals and festivals, and my published collections have sold abroad. 

When I think about how all of this started with a single, measurable goal, I am humbled and blown away. Using my LifePlanner™ and winning the Plan Your Way to 5K contest proved to be a life-changer & a huge blessing to me and my entire family, including my son who enjoyed an amazing and unforgettable wedding! We are forever grateful, and I still can’t believe I actually won!

How Planning Can Change YOUR Life

Whatever it is you want in life, start with one, measurable goal; make a plan and pursue it until you achieve it!

-Sarah O’Brien, Plan Sarah Plan

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