Thank you for continuing to follow our progress as we work to improve DE&I at Erin Condren. We are in the middle of Pride Month and are so pleased to see the positive reaction to our Pride Collection. This brings our giveback collections to five so far (2 social justice collections in 2020 and 3 heritage and awareness month collections in 2021), with more on the way. 

We are also commemorating Juneteenth again this year. Our DE&I leaders assembled info for our team, and we’d love to share these resources with you as well.

Learn more about Juneteenth

Consider commemorating Juneteenth

  • Share the history with your family, kids and friends
  • Support a Black-owned business in your community and/or online.
  • Donate your money or time to a Black-centered non-profit.
  • Visit an exhibit or museum dedicated to Black culture, in person or online.
  • Enjoy and support Black art, literature, music and media (some suggestions here).

In an effort to show you (vs tell you) what we’re doing, we’ve reduced the frequency of updates-only blog posts to a quarterly schedule to make room on our platform for more content that amplifies the voices of our diverse team members, featured artists, and giveback collections, including:

I’d also like to share with you what we’ve been working on internally. Since our last update, we’ve made additional wellness check-ins available to our entire team (and will continue to do so as long as needed). We’ve completed another phase of our social justice education. Our DE&I Council continues to hold meetings to discuss social justice education, community outreach, diverse representation across all channels, and to ensure we continue to do better.

DE&I Next Steps

Here’s what’s coming up: our DE&I Community Outreach team is planning our back-to-school donations supporting teachers and students in need and communities affected by social injustice; so I look forward to sharing those results with you in future updates. We’re also extending our social justice training (accessible company-wide), and we’re launching our Latinx Heritage Month collection in August! So, look out for that!

-Tonia Misvaer, CEO

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