In place of our usual diversity, equity, and inclusion update, I’d like to share something with you that’s been weighing on our hearts: the escalation of racial injustice, most recently against Asian Americans. Racism, hate, and xenophobia have no place here. We stand in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander team members, partners, and communities. Here’s the action we’re putting behind our words.                  

What We Are Doing About It

We are committed to helping create a safe and supportive world for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to live and thrive in. We plan to do this by:

  • continuing our company-wide social justice education;
  • supporting our AAPI team members and offering counseling services for healing;
  • giving our AAPI team members a platform to celebrate their heritage and show they are multi-faceted humans;
  • sharing resources with our AAPI community that offer healing and support; 
  • continuing to listen, learn, and work to make things safer and more equitable.

Helpful Resources

Information and understanding can lead to informed and powerful action. We’ve put together some national resources to help folks understand more and support themselves and the AAPI community in many ways. This is by no means a definitive list, and we hope it encourages more searching and discovery.

Understanding Asian American History

Asian American Non-Profits

Ways to Support Our Elders and Community

Mental Health Support 

Books and Podcasts Celebrating Asian Americans

Supportive Hashtags

  • #stopaapihate
  • #stopasianhate
  • #protectourelders

How You Can Help as an Ally

Not Asian American but want to help? Here are some ongoing ways you can do so:

  • Learn more about Asian American history.
  • Start/continue to learn about racism in America and its effects on all ethnic groups.
  • Consider donating to an Asian American non-profit.
  • Explore ways you can contribute to local Asian American non-profits or organizations.
  • Reach out to the Asian American folks in your life with words of support.
  • Buy more goods and services from local and online Asian American creators, businesses, and communities. 
  • Watch, listen, and read more content created by and featuring Asian American folks.

I look forward to sharing more updates and what we’re doing to support our AAPI and all BIPOC team members, partners, and communities. 

As we continue to listen and learn, we’re always open to any feedback, questions, and concerns you have.

Tonia Misvaer, CEO

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