In honor of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month, we’d like to introduce you to our newest giveback collection featuring artist Miyuki Otake. 

This AANHPI Heritage Month collection full of beautiful, functional organizational essentials is a part of our ongoing Heritage and Awareness Months series that has given back over $236,000 in support of social justice, education, equitable healthcare, and more. It gives back to Asian Mental Health Collective through the end of May 2023 and continues to support the featured artist for a full year.

The Asian Mental Health Collective is a non-profit that aspires to make mental health easily available, approachable, and accessible to Asian communities worldwide.

Shop the full AANHPI Heritage Month collection here, or keep scrolling to learn more about Miyuki, see her painting behind the scenes, and shop by design!

About Miyuki Otake

Miyuki is an artist from Japan who has called Hawaii her home for 17 years and counting. Her tranquil, often textured artwork features warm earth tones, rich patterns found in Nature, bold brushstrokes, and happy, soothing compositions. Her aesthetic and technique are inspired by the ocean, people, and natural beauty of Hawaii.

What I love most about the people of Hawaii is the Aloha spirit.

You can follow Miyuki on Instagram at @mkmk1209 and visit her website

Miyuki’s Designs and Inspiration


What I love most about this collection is the theme of nature. So much of my inspiration comes from nature living here in Hawaii.

Our collaboration with Miyuki features three of her designs: Island Life, Sundown, and Vintage Leaves across lined notebooks, 100% cotton canvas tote bags, and our best-selling LifePlanners. (Miyuki’s designs will be featured in our newest LifePlanner™ collection launching on April 25!)

Island Life

This serene, soft-color design reimagines the warmth and splendor of Hawaii in an elevated, abstract space.

This is an abstract expression of the colors, wind, and light of my life in Hawaii. From nature’s infinite patterns to its rich pigments, warm earth, salty sea, and everything in between, the harmony of island life keeps me grounded and humbled.

My favorite art technique is abstract because it allows me to be creative and free.

Shop everyday organizational essentials featuring Miyuki’s Island Life design.


Sunset … that magical, ephemeral moment that captivates us every day, in new, wonderful ways.


I can never get enough of the sunset over the Pacific. Sundown in Hawaii is so warm, peaceful, and ever-inspiring. The way the sunlight spills over the sky and plays in the ocean in constant motion … it’s a beautiful way to end each day.

When others see my art, I hope it makes them feel relaxed.

Shop personalizable gifts and self-gifts featuring Miyuki’s Sundown design.

Vintage Leaves

Combining nature and nostalgia, this Vintage Leaves design practically glimmers with sunlit memories glinting through its carefree fronds.


I am in awe of Hawaiian foliage embracing the light of the golden hour. There’s nothing quite like it! It feels as if everything is glowing and humming with light and energy for a fleeting, magical moment. It feels like life.

When I am painting, I feel free and calm.

Shop planning tools and accessories featuring Miyuki’s Vintage Leaves design.

Shop the Full Collection


This Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) heritage month collection is important to me because it will support the AANHPI women leaders and AANHPI artists. 

Your purchase matters. Explore tote bags, notebooks, interchangeable covers, and LifePlanners (at launch!) featuring Miyuki Otake’s breathtaking designs in our 2023 AANHPI Heritage Month collection. Thank you for helping us give back! 

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