EC in NYC: Press Pop Up!

NYC showcase 3

With this year being the 10th Anniversary of my company, there has been a lot of exciting buzz in the press.  We decided the best approach to all the inquiries was to create a “pop up” store in a swanky NYC studio for a day and invite the press to stop by to see what’s to come in the next decade of EC. With the price of NY apartments, we only rented the location for 24 hours but it was amazing what we pulled off in a day!

Other than showcasing all of the exciting upcoming products, many that have yet to debut on the website, as well as our revamped collection for Staples, we wanted to infuse the space with the feel and personality of the EC Brand.
NYC showcase 2
Metallic EC balloons, confetti, pops of color and gorgeous wallpaper helped add to the decor. We found an amazing new paper stock to print the wallpaper on, easily applied simply by spraying water on a wall. The best part was its easy removal: no residue, which is so critical in a rented space!


When given the chance, we tend to turn any event into a PARTY! Guests sipped champagne from polka dot straws and took polaroid pictures in front of our canvas stretched “screen” that we had custom-made in our printshop for the event. Paper cut turquoise glasses were the perfect prop for this fun day with the press. We got it done…and we definitely had some fun!


B4BC 2

Cancer awareness is a cause that has always been close to our hearts. This year the fight became personal when one of our own EC team members, Sam, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

 As our entire team watched her battle (and win!) with grace, courage and steadfast determination we were inspired to create a revamped cancer awareness line and partner with an organization that could take our efforts even further.
B4BC 4
Boarding for Breast Cancer (or B4BC), a foundation dedicated to breast cancer education and prevention, was the perfect partner to spearhead our fundraising efforts. With 50% of proceeds from sales of the cancer awareness collection going directly to the organization, we were able to raise over $4,000 in October alone.
Sam herself became even more involved and got to see firsthand the incredible support and work that B4BC is doing at this year’s “Chasing Sunshine” retreat.
She shared her experience with us, saying that at first she felt apprehensive committing to the weekend, being only two weeks post-surgery and understandably mentally and physically weak. A born fighter, Sam never complained and never appeared afraid, remaining strong for her two children and inspiring us all.
B4BC 5

She was worried that the weekend would be rehashing the pain, fear and the injustice of the disease. Her tumors were gone but the wounds were literally and physically still fresh and she did not want to dwell. I’ll let Sam’s quote speak directly to her experience:

“I was 100% incorrect in thinking I was walking into a weekend of “woe is me,” rehashing diagnoses and treatments. The weekend was filled with positive people, positive experiences, genuine empathy and a sympathy and sisterhood that only someone who has traveled this devastating path can understand. Everyone helped me with the activities I was physically unable to perform and we shared some amazing conversations and experiences. We all felt so grateful to be alive, and I just felt so fortunate to connect with such a supportive organization and group of women.”

We are so proud to be associated with both Sam, everyone at B4BC and all of the fighters out there beating, battling & going to bat for a cure for cancer.

B4BC 6

Putting the FUN in Fundraising: Mom’s Night Out!


It seems like we get less and less state funding for our schools these days unless we decide to raise it ourselves. Our sweet little public school really needs all the help it can get and thankfully we have an incredible group of volunteers that organize events to make money for our education foundation.

 Our Mom’s Night Out at the Comedy Club in Hermosa Beach all started when one of my friends thought we could have some FUN while fundraising and now it has become one of my favorite school events of the year! My company sponsored the event this year by providing stickers & “swag” for all the guests, and sooo many other generous local businesses donated amazing items to the gift bags that were raffled off before the comics took the stage. I must say, we made our own comedy on stage as I felt a bit like Vanna White showcasing all the prizes! The event was sold out and brought in more than $10K for our school! Way to go MOMS!