BLOGGER TAKEOVER: Summer Travel with Life in Wanderlust


Kana, the author of Life in Wanderlust, is a Japanese American Travel Blogger and Instagrammer. She recently made the choice to leave the corporate world in favor of a year of travel and exploration. Her blog is a source of inspiration and honest travel tips for anyone who’s been bitten by the travel bug!


As a long-time traveler and recent Travel Instagrammer & Blogger, a question I frequently get is: “What apps do you use to plan or organize your trips?”

The short answer is: None.

As tech-savvy as I am, there’s a huge void in my life when I don’t physically write things down. My several Erin Condren Life Planners™ throughout the years can attest to that. I’ve experienced several different apps that were supposedly going to make my travel experience easier. List apps, plan apps, packing apps, of which all of them have collected dust-bunnies on my phone. I enjoy the convenience of what technology has brought to travel just as much as the next person but I just can’t prep or plan without a pen and paper.

Now my longer answer: I use notebooks and lists to plan my trips!

I know planning a trip can be stressful. For example, New York City. The amount of things to do and places to eat are completely overwhelming. But I’m here to help ease that process for you! Here is my tried and true method for planning a trip efficiently once your destination and accommodations are decided:
1. Research: Go to Yelp, the destination’s Travel Bureau or your favorite Travel Blogger for recommendations.
2. Jot down places you’re interested in: Once you find some places, jot them down on your notebook. Don’t forget to check their hours and days of operation. You don’t want to arrive somewhere for it to be closed; been there, done that! I color-coordinate everything and these party pops markers markers are perfect as they don’t bleed through the page.    

3. Prioritize places you’re interested in: Chances are, you jotted down too many places and won’t have time to go to all of them. Number them by priority and see what shortened list you come up with.

4. Create a rough schedule: With that shortened list, flip over to the back side of the snap-in travel dashboard and start planning the days out. I’m obsessed with this dashboard because it’s erasable in case you want to modify things and of course, you can reuse it!  

5. Make reservations if necessary: If places take reservations, make them. You can thank me later.

6. Start packing: Truth be told, packing is my least favorite part of traveling. I despise the “I wonder if I forgot something” stage as you’re driving away from the house; am I the only one? In the past, I made checklists for myself but with the frontside of the snap-in travel dashboard, it’s not as stressful! It lists all the essentials! I love that it’s erasable so you can use it over and over; plus it’s environmentally friendly!

7. BONUS – make an info page: This is really up to you but I personally love having all of my confirmation numbers for flights, hotels, rental cars, all on paper. You could lose your phone or run out of battery when you need that information. Can we take a moment to appreciate the perforated pages on these journals? I take my page out and keep it in my purse.

What summer travel plans do you have in the works? Shop the entire travel collection to find everything you need to jetset in style!

Elevate Your Accessories: A Sneak Peek!


When we started working on the 2017 LifePlanner™ Stylized Organizer I knew we also had to create an assortment of beautiful accessories to go along with the new book. We started by revamping several classics, and then began brainstorming ideas for brand-new goodies!

I know how hard it can be to decide, so we’re sharing a sneak peek of all new accessories right here!  Read on to see which of your favorite accessories got makeovers and what all-new products you can now choose from.

Second Edition Designer Sticker Book

Sticker Book, Edition 2

If you like our First Edition Designer Sticker Book, I think you’re going to LOVE this one!  This book is packed with a mixture of rose gold, platinum, and gold metallic stickers on colorful and contemporary designs.  Similar to last year, the sticker book features motivational quotes, helpful organizational stickers, and some that are just FUN!

Wet Erase Markers 

wet erase markers

You asked for them, and we listened!  I’m SO excited to introduce these gemtone beauties.  Perfect for our dashboards OR to use on the new “white board” space on all the inside interchangeable book covers.  The best part? The ink won’t rub off until you want it to… just add a little water!

Snap-In Dashboard

New Dashboard In LifePlanner™

An updated version of the dashboards you know and love, this latest addition to our dashboard collection features the Mid-Century Circles pattern that you will also see throughout the new LifePlanner™.  From goal setting to meal planning and everything in between, this two-sided reusable dashboard will be the keystone of your busy week! (Check out one of the new colors of gemtone elastic bands that will be available at launch, too!)

Magnetic Page Marker

Magnetic Bookmark

Whether you’re using it to keep track of the week in your LifePlanner™ or highlighting a to-do list in your TakeNote™ Notebook, make finding and flagging your page effortless and stylish with our new magnetic page marker. Choose from turquoise with a metallic gold asterisk, amethyst with a metallic silver asterisk, or rose pink with a metallic rose gold asterisk.  

Mini Snap-In Bookmarks 

Mini Bookmark

Take up minimal space but still save your place with these adorable miniature snap-in bookmark sets! These bookmarks will clip directly into your LifePlanner™ or Notebook for effortless organization.  Each pack will come with three variations, and will be offered in classic, metallic, or watercolor designs.   

Watercolor StylizedSticky™ Notes 

new stickynote dashboard

One of my favorite new accessory options from 2015-2016 has been updated for 2017 to feature our new Watercolor and Mid-Century Circle designs.  Whether you’re jotting down a reminder, marking a page or noting a deadline, stop & stick wherever, whenever!

Designer Edition Compliment Cards

Compliment Card, Designer Edition

Our compliment cards really are such a simple and easy way to brighten someone’s day!  For launch, we’ll be offering a new Designer Edition set, featuring some of our gorgeous new designs and all new “complimentary” phrases!

I hope you’re as excited about our new collection of accessories as we are! You know what they say… a girl can NEVER have too many accessories!