In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we would like to introduce you to our Black History Month collection, the first in our new Heritage and Awareness Months series! Featuring four new inspiring artists and beautiful products that give back to the amazing non-profit Black Girls Code

35% of the net proceeds from this collection support Black Girls Code through the end of February 2021. BGC is a non-profit organization on a mission to give underprivileged girls a chance to become tomorrow’s masters of tech.

Shop the collection here, scroll down to meet our four newest featured artists, and we encourage you to share the love to help spotlight their inspiring art!

Lift Your Voice by Jessica Shannon

About Jessica

Jessica is a Texas-raised, Maryland-based digital illustrator inspired by the resiliency, vulnerability, and splendor of Black women. With a passion for spreading joy and light, she aims to articulate her faith and amplify the unique rhythm of Black women through her art.

My Inspiration by Jessica

Lift Your Voice is a nod to the Black National Anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” – a powerful cry for liberation and a key pillar of the Black identity. I was inspired by the notion that every voice can be impactful and used to create a chorus of hope and change. Even Black women, who are often undervalued and overlooked in society, can lift their voices to create ripple effects throughout an ocean of communities. Hope is mighty, and my art seeks to impart this idea through the belief that hope will be present when we refuse to be silent. 

What This Collaboration Means to Me

Partnering with the Erin Condren brand to celebrate Black History Month has been such a joy for me. Not only is the brand amplifying Black artists and their creations, but they are also highlighting the significance of women of color being present in STEM fields through the Black Girls Code organization. It’s such an honor to have the ability to create art with the Erin Condren brand, amplify women of color through that art, while also supporting an organization that uplifts young girls of color. – Jessica

You can follow Jessica on Instagram @jess_can_illustrate and shop her full collection here, which gives back 35% of the net proceeds to Black Girls Code through the end of February 2021. 

Birds of Paradise by DM Smith

About DM

DM has been creating ever since she could remember. She enjoyed and excelled in the arts and after school programs in the schools she attended and is grateful to have turned her passion into a career as an Erin Condren graphic designer. In the US, there are only 3% of Black artists across all artistic disciplines, and she feels “beyond blessed” to be a part of that! Her hope is to inspire other creative Black girls and boys to follow their artistic passions. And we’re thrilled to introduce you to the beautiful design she has created for this inspiring collection!

My Inspiration by DM

My design was inspired by the beauty and biodiversity of Africa and Maya Angelou’s poem, “Why the Caged Bird Sings.” I feel many depictions of Africa don’t spotlight its true beauty, so I created Birds of Paradise to show just a slice of that! Its lush jungles and colorful animals completely draw me in. I was especially inspired by the prominent birds of Africa like the Grey Crowned Crane, which is the national bird of Uganda and one of many gorgeous birds native to the massive continent.

What This Collaboration Means to Me

I never saw this Erin Condren collaboration opportunity coming! I am not an illustrator and often joke that the reason I’m a graphic designer is that I can’t draw! When presented with this opportunity, I took it as a chance to challenge myself and create something beautiful using methods outside my comfort zone. And I’m so happy I did! This collaboration gave me the chance to not only grow my skills and create my very own EC design but also support Black Girls Code. I’m so proud of this and hope everyone enjoys this collection as much as I enjoyed creating it. – DM

You can follow DM on Instagram @goldsorbet and shop her full collection here, which gives back 35% of the net proceeds to Black Girls Code through the end of February 2021.

Abundance of Joy by Allison Ford

About Allison

Allison is an abstract and collage artist, wife and mother of two, and lawyer from South Carolina. She is a self-exploring artist and works with acrylics, graphite, paper, and remnants of art projects to make highly textural pieces. She enjoys working with interior designers and families to create special pieces for dwelling spaces and her work can be found in galleries, exhibitions, and retail locations

My Inspiration by Allison

Abundance of Joy is a celebration of all that is bright, colorful, and joyful feelings. I’ve been thinking very deeply about the difference between happiness, an emotion that is subject to change, and joy, a fulfilling spiritual fruit. This piece resonates with the goal of always seeking joy.

What This Collaboration Means to Me

I’m honored to partner with EC for the Heritage Months Initiative and support meaningful work. This work of highlighting important causes and the work of diverse talented artists must continue far into the future and be more than just a month or special day. I want to see EC take the lead in that process. – Allison

You can follow Allison on Instagram @helloallisonart and shop her full collection here, which gives back 35% of the net proceeds to Black Girls Code through the end of February 2021. 

Amazing by Charity Ekpo

About Charity

Charity is a designer, illustrator, and lettering artist who designed Amazing to fill the world with more positive messaging around how AMAZING Black womxn are.

My Inspiration by Charity

The idea behind Amazing is to highlight how absolutely AMAZING Black womxn are. I wanted to create a vibrant piece of work with words that came to my mind when I thought of us. Amazing, genius, stunning, creative, leader, strong, absolute magic and finally, just, WOW. Black womxn are negatively represented entirely too often, whether it’s when we’re standing up for Black lives or simply just styling our hair or attire the way we want. I wanted to create something to combat that negativity and fill the world with more positive messaging about Black womxn.

What This Collaboration Means to Me

I’m stoked to have the opportunity to partner with Erin Condren and work alongside amazing Black creatives to design lovely artwork for the world to enjoy. It’s even more exciting to know that not only will they have beautiful organization products and artistic accessories, but they will also be supporting an awesome organization like Black Girls Code. I’m all too familiar with the feeling of wanting to see and work with more people that look like me. So, it’s inspiring to see an organization like BGC that actively works towards improving upon that lack of diversity in the tech world by introducing it to young girls of color.

You can follow Charity on Instagram @cekpo_art and shop her full collection here, which gives back 35% of the net proceeds to Black Girls Code through the end of February 2021. 

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New to Our Social Justice Collection

We’re also expanding our social justice collection to include new art prints, stationery, and more in celebration of Black History Month! This collection continues to give back 50% to the social justice charities of each artist’s choice. Learn more and shop all EC collections that give back here.

2021 Heritage & Awareness Months

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