Black Lives Matter is more than a movement; it’s a truth no one should have to prove. As a part of our ongoing commitment to spotlighting this truth, we’re honored to partner with amazing Black artists to amplify their voices and showcase their inspiring art across our products in support of diversity, equality, and racial justice. 100% of the profit is split between the artists and social justice charities of their choice.

This exciting collection is the first in a robust series that spotlights beautiful Black art (on personalizable notebooks and interchangeable covers) for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. We are beyond excited to introduce the artists to you so they can share their inspiration, art, and passion for social justice. Shop the collection and spread the love!

Black Is Colorful by Safi

About Safi

Safi is not your average 11-year-old. She’s a published illustrator, poet, and model who will steal your heart with a single smile. Confident, precious, and passionate about true equality, diversity, and inclusion, Safi hopes her art opens hearts and inspires action. Her Black Is Colorful design is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of Black women.

Here’s what Safi has to say about the inspiration behind her design and what it means to work with Erin Condren on a collection that gives back to the social justice charity of her choice.

My Inspiration

While sheltering in place during the pandemic, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. I can’t say that I’ve used all of that time wisely, but I can say that I didn’t like feeling helpless about COVID and the social injustices it shined a light on. I’m just one girl, with one voice, behind a mask. I had no clue what to do. My mom encouraged me to use my voice in creative ways to make changes wherever I can. So, I started writing and drawing … a lot. Guess I had a lot to say! My mom helped me find a way to share my poem about the pandemic and my artwork inspired by the strength, beauty and diversity of Black women. My poem was published at my school, and my artwork was accepted as part of Erin Condren’s design collection that gives back to social justice charities! One girl, one voice, some paper, a few supplies and a whole lot of time on her hands. Who knew?!

What This Collaboration Means to Me

The EC team has been like an extended family ever since I started modeling for them and my mom joined their team a couple of years ago. So, when I heard they were starting a program that supports social justice and diverse artists from the community, I wanted to be a part of it! My mom showed me how to turn my hand-drawn art into digital designs, and we donated them to the EC team to show our support for this awesome program. It blew my mind when they asked to make my Black Is Colorful design an official part of the collection launch, which not only supports a charity of my choice but also supports the artist … that’s me! This is my first collab, and it makes me feel so proud that my art, my voice is valued and will be featured on products I love and use every day while also supporting social justice. Not to mention it allows me to help my mom with my college fund she’s been building by herself, which makes me feel like I can do anything!

My Social Justice Charity of Choice

My mom has taught me that the road to equality begins with equal opportunity in education and the justice system. I picked the Equal Justice Initiative as the charity that would receive half of the profit from my EC collection because it’s the perfect balance to EC’s education donations. Supporting EJI means supporting the fight for social justice and protecting the human rights of those who actually have to fight for their right to be treated humanely. I want to grow up in a world where equality is no longer something anyone has to fight for. -Safi

You can follow Safi on Instagram @saficreativity and shop her collection here. 100% of the profit supports her and the Equal Justice Initiative.

Sisters by Perryn Ford

About Perryn

Perryn is a Brooklyn-based painter and digital illustrator. Her work is inspired by her own life as a female self-care enthusiast and wellness advocate. Through the movement of continuous lines, expressive colors and simplistic shapes, her work explores the complex and intimate relationship with ourselves, each other and our connection to the natural and spiritual world.

Here’s what Perryn has to say about the inspiration behind her design and what it means to work with Erin Condren on a collection that gives back to the social justice charity of her choice.

My Inspiration

I initially created this illustration during the height of the quarantine when most of us were feeling isolated and alone. I created it as a reminder for all women from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures, as well as myself, to tap into and lean into the ecosystem of strong women in our lives to help us get through these very trying and difficult times. This is a call-to-action to stay connected with our sister-friends who inspire us, motivate us, support us, and encourage us. It is my hope that this illustration will also serve as a reminder to be open to and accepting of making new connections with diverse groups of women all over the world.

What This Collaboration Means to Me

I am super grateful to be included in Erin Condren’s new initiative that highlights the work and voices of Black women artists. Partnering with a company like Erin Condren that promotes creative expression is not only a great opportunity but a great partnership that I am excited to be a part of.  This opportunity not only provides a platform for me to share my work with as many people as possible, but it will also support my growth as an artist as I continue to create paintings and illustrations that inspire more women to value self-care, wellness, and creative expression. I am doubly thankful that my partnership with the Erin Condren team affords me the opportunity to effect change through charitable donations to an organization that is important to me like Black Girls Code.

My Social Justice Charity of Choice

I am choosing to donate half of the profit from my partnership with Erin Condren to Black Girls Code because I believe in supporting the next generation of young Black women who are coming up behind me. I know all too well what it feels like to be the only Black woman in the room. When I majored in Computer Information Systems during undergrad, I was often the only Black woman, if not the only woman, in all of my classes. When I graduated and landed my first IT job, I was happy not to be the only woman anymore, but I was still the only Black woman employed by the company. The tech industry is a very male-dominated industry, with even less representation for Black people. Donating to Black Girls Code ensures that I am paying it forward by doing my part to contribute to the representation, growth, and success of women, more specifically Black women, in an industry that would greatly benefit from their contributions. -Perryn

You can Follow Perryn on Instagram @perrynryan and shop her collection here. 100% of the profit supports her and Black Girls Code.

In It Together by Melissa Koby

About Melissa

Melissa is a Tampa-based digital illustrator specializing in themes of social justice, inclusion, and female positivity. Her artwork has been featured on, Bare Minerals,, VIE magazine, in a solo art exhibition, and so much more. Her sophisticated In It Together design features rich, natural color and illustrates the beauty of diversity and unity.

Here’s what Melissa has to say about the inspiration behind her design and what it means to work with Erin Condren on a collection that gives back to the social justice charity of her choice.

My Inspiration

I am telling the story of the most underrepresented group: women (especially women of color). Through my illustrations, I’m using the opportunities presented, at the heels of a troubling climate, to spread the messages of social justice, of the need for inclusion and equality in a way that is visually pleasing.

Each woman in this illustration has a different story, but I want it to be clear that they, like us, are all connected to this hopeful desire for change. I intentionally include a sun or moon in all my illustrations to represent that hope.

This illustration done for Erin Condren is my ode to my community of strong and resilient women.

If you see this, just know that I am inspired by you, I stand with you, and I celebrate you.

What This Collaboration Means to Me

Partnering with Erin Condren means occupying a seat at a table that people that look like me may never have thought to sit before. Black artists like me probably don’t even think to ask or to fully grasp how essential their work truly is. This opportunity not only allows me to grow professionally, but it also paves the way for future artists of color to know that their work plays a big role in diversifying brands and creating equality. A part of this fight for change and equality is creating opportunities for economic mobility to underserved groups. I recognize my social responsibility to give back to my community, and the reason I wanted to work with Erin Condren is that they presented an opportunity to do just that.

My Social Justice Charity of Choice

50% of the profit from my designed notebooks and covers will go to the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective. I chose BEAM because it provides training on how to implement healing justice and social justice as mental health strategies for underserved groups. I am honored to partner with this company to amplify my voice as well as help my community. -Melissa

You can follow Melissa on Instagram @mkoby_ and shop her collection here. 100% of the profit supports her and BEAM.

Still I Rise by LaShaina Hawkins

About LaShaina

LaShaina is a mother, teacher and serves in ministry with her husband. With a degree in sociology, with an emphasis in Black studies, her artwork is influenced by history, literature, and her faith. Inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still I Rise,” her design by the same name is a radiant reminder to always rise above our circumstances.

Here’s what LaShaina has to say about the depth of the inspiration behind her design and what it means to work with Erin Condren on a collection that gives back to the social justice charity of her choice.

My Inspiration

Maya Angelou’s powerful and riveting poem, “Still I Rise,” was a painful yet revolutionary time in our nation’s history. She tells the story of the Black experience in the United States and, 42 years later, her message of truth, pain, hope, and empowerment still resonates with us today. It is a passionate message of survival, a determination to thrive, a resolve to overcome injustice and prejudices and to celebrate and take pride in our identity as a Black community. Even in the darkest and lowest of moments, personally, as a people, and as a nation, I remember her words, “Still I Rise,” and it brings me so much hope. I think of the millions of Black men and women who came before me and their resilience and ability to persevere despite adversity. My hope is that my design evokes courage, motivation, inspiration, and determination to rise above and beyond. Just as the sun rises each day, we too will rise.

What This Collaboration Means to Me

I have been so encouraged and inspired by EC’s decision and commitment to stand in solidarity with the Black community and their commitment to justice and change. I have always been a firm believer in being an active part of positive change. I believe that in a time like the one we are facing, it is so important to use your voice and platform for what is right. EC has chosen to do this, and they are committed to effecting real change. This initiative not only supports Black artists in our community but also supports the work of charities and organizations committed to the cause. I feel honored to partner with EC for such an incredible opportunity to be a light, fight for social justice, and inspire hope.

My Social Justice Charity of Choice

Color of Change is an amazing organization. It is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization and through various campaigns and initiatives has created effective change by fighting against racism and injustice against Black people in America. I am thrilled and honored to support the important work being done by Color of Change. -LaShaina

You can follow LaShaina on Instagram @planningwithintention and shop her collection here. 100% of the profit supports her and Color of Change.

Make Someone Feel Loved by Gracelyn Economidis

About Gracelyn

Gracelyn is a 20-year-old Texas State University student pursuing her degree in Consumer Affairs with a teacher’s certification in Family and Consumer Sciences. She is an active member of the Chi Omega sorority, the Panhellenic Council, a YoungLife leader, and more! Her colorful and uplifting hand lettering art inspires us to spread the love.

Here’s what Gracelyn has to say about the inspiration behind her design and what it means to work with Erin Condren on a collection that gives back to the social justice charity of her choice.

My Inspiration

On @graceandgrub, my motto has always been “make someone feel loved today.” Growing up, my mom always reminded me that you never know what someone is going through so you need to be nice. This has always been something that has stuck with me, and I choose to say this daily to remind people to make someone feel loved today. Getting this opportunity not only allows me to remind others to simply love each other, but it also allows me to show my mom how much her words have impacted me as a child. Everyone is going through their own struggles, whether we know them or not, so the least we can do is love each other.

What This Collaboration Means to Me

Partnering with Erin Condren has been something that seems like a dream; pinch me! Seeing all the colorful designs of Erin Condren’s stationery has always brought me some happiness in my life. This is an incredible honor, and I still cannot believe it is happening. This partnership allows me to use my voice to remind people to love one another and give back to an awesome charity. Partnering with NBCDI is also a huge honor as well. Child development has always been something that has intrigued me, and to be able to support a charity that not only supports child development but Black children as well is awesome. Erin Condren giving me this opportunity will allow me to support a charity in bigger ways than I could have done myself. 

My Social Justice Charity of Choice

I chose to donate to the National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) because child development is something that I value and have a true passion for. As a Family and Consumer Science major, I have taken classes on child development as well as family and child development. These classes have given me insight into the fundamentals of childhood and how it impacts everything in adulthood. NBCDI also emphasizes community, and that is something I value. Without community, we miss out on the diversity around us. -Gracelyn

You can follow Gracelyn on Instagram and shop her collection here. 100% of the proceeds support her and NBCDI.

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