I want to start by saying how humbled and inspired I am by the tough, but healing, conversations we’ve had with our team, business partners, affiliates and community this past week. As promised, I’m committed to full transparency and sharing updates and insights into our team diversity, areas where we need to improve and how we’re supporting education, equality, diversity and inclusion, internally and externally.

We just finished updating our planners to include more diversity in religious holidays and celebrations. You will start to see these reflected in our Jan-Dec 2021 planners and in all our books moving forward.

As for the goal we shared recently to feature more diverse designs on our products, I’m excited to report that we kicked off a project to partner with Black artists in our community. All of the proceeds of these sales will go first to the artists to support their work, and the balance to a social justice charity of their choice. We are planning to launch the first collection in early fall and will continue to integrate evergreen diversity in our designs.

This week, we held our second online town hall with content creators from our community. We continued our conversation about increasing diversity and representation in our affiliate program and spotlighting more diverse content across all our platforms. This has led us to evolve our media products process, ultimately increasing the overall number and ensuring we include newer affiliates as well as a diverse representation based on race, geography, reach and more. We are grateful to have such dedicated affiliates that want to challenge us to continue evolving the program to benefit us all.

I realize we have so much work ahead of us, but we’re motivated, dedicated and taking action. Thank you for caring enough to keep us accountable. I look forward to sharing our next round of updates in two weeks where I expect to update you on our internal diversity and inclusion training.

Tonia Misvaer, CEO

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