In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, our team is kicking things off by recognizing all of the inspirational women in our lives. We’ve also created a new collection of empowering planners, notebooks, stationery, and stickers celebrating women every day.

So, grab some inspiration from our team’s tributes to the awesomeness of women and girls, then keep reading to see our first-ever Women’s History Month collection, including a new kids line featuring our favorite 12-year-old artist Safi!

EC Voices: Celebrating Women Every Day

I owe so much to the bright and beautiful women who have been part of my journey. From my grandmother and mother, I learned that strength and warmth can peacefully coexist. My four sisters and oodles of nieces have given me unwavering love and endless laughter. My strong female mentors through the years are why I am where I am. And, my fierce four-year-old daughter is a constant reminder that persistence and being present in each moment wins the day, every day. 

Tonia Misvaer, CEO

As an immigrant myself, and the daughter of an immigrant mother, I’d never fully appreciated how strong and selfless my mother has always been. Moving to a new country at a young age to make sure I had the opportunities and choices that weren’t provided for her is a type of selfless resilience and strength I can only imagine instilling one day in my kids.

Stephanie Chang, Sr. Mgr. Brand Partnerships & Events

This year celebrating International Women’s Day has taken on even more importance for me. The women in my life and around the globe have been truly tested – emotionally, physically, and financially – and deserve recognition today and every day.

Suzanne Brutocao, SVP of Marketing

All women and girls are strong, courageous, and capable. Some just need reminding. To my family (especially my daughter), friends, and coworkers, thank you for being my constant reminder.

Candice Hamilton, Sr. Content Mgr.

Women are amazing because we are absolute legends at multi-tasking. Caregivers, leaders, partners, friends, mothers, entrepreneurs, co-workers, financial providers, volunteers … the list is endless. Not to mention we birth life and live longer. 😉

Samantha Kuhr, Ambassador Relations Manager

The women in my life prove time and time again, against all odds and obstacles, that their capacity to love, overcome, create, and inspire is boundless.

Kate Keenan, VP of Digital and Analytics

My granny (pictured in the photo) has always been my inspirational hero. She trained and rode horses in a male-dominated era. She was determined to prove she was just as tough and capable. That same determination is what pushes me to be my best, regardless of society’s expectations. Strong women inspire strong women.

Felicia Alvear, Buyer

I am very lucky to have had not one but two women mentors early on in my career. They played a critical role in building my confidence, helping me carve my own opportunities, and making sure I had a seat at the table. But most importantly, they showed me the importance of putting yourself and your family first, which is often the hardest part about being a career-minded woman. I try to honor them by paying this forward to all the talented women that work with me.

Megan Hall, SVP of Finance

I’d like to celebrate my brilliant women friends on International Women’s Day. I’m so lucky to have incredibly funny and strong women who inspire me each and every day as they make great strides in their careers, personal goals, and activism.

Phi LeQuoc, Sr. CRM Manager

Even though I only had my mom with me here on earth for 22 short years, she is my hero, and I celebrate her today and every day. She always told me that regardless of your circumstances or how you feel, you get up and take on your day … even if you have to have a pep talk with yourself over your lunch break. That always serves as a reminder to me that I am strong enough to survive any circumstances and can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Alexa Garcia, Public Relations Manager

I’d like to celebrate all of the amazing teachers who I’ve had the honor and privilege to teach alongside, many of which mentored me as well. Most of them are strong, confident, and compassionate women who molded me into the person and leader I am today. Specifically, I’d like to recognize the entire staff at Tijeras Creek Elementary who influenced my life in the most profound way. Cheers to all of you selfless, inspiring educators — you are all SUPERHEROES!

Mechaela Vardoulakis, Store Manager in Irvine

I have five strong, independent sisters who repeatedly inspire and impress me. Each of them has their own calling in life: to teach, to travel, to learn, to lead, and, most of all, to grow into the successful women we were meant to be. As we’ve all gotten older, I’ve realized how unique our respective journeys are in their own way. How impressively we’ve made it through each of our difficult paths and overcome our challenges. No matter what changes as we all continue to grow, I have no doubt that these amazing women in my life will always make me proud and continue to inspire me.

Victoria Cunningham, Wholesale Project Specialist 

I believe this particular International Women’s Day is incredibly important. Its purpose is to advocate for gender equality as well as celebrate the women who have come before us. Over the past year, the pandemic has taken a devastating toll on so many, especially women. In September alone, women left the U.S. workforce at a rate four times higher than men. I have watched so many women sacrifice themselves and their goals to assist others. This International Women’s Day, my hope is that we take time to recognize their sacrifice and celebrate these women. I also hope we continue to take a closer look at this system of inequality that has become worse during the pandemic. And I hope we begin to make strides in reversing all the steps backward we have taken so we can start the healing process.

Tori Johnson, Director of Brand Marketing

New Women’s History Month Collection

As a female-led brand, we believe in celebrating women 24/7/365. That’s why we’ve created a very special collection for you. Introducing our FIRST-EVER Women’s History Month collection celebrating women and girls every day. New, inspiring organization essentials that empower you to harness the power of planning. 

New, Empowering Kids Collection

This colorful, fun, and inspirational collection of new notebooks, covers, stationery, and stickers for kids celebrates their favorite superheroes (like Wonder Woman), real-life heroes (like our first woman VP), and the inner hero in every child. 

The inspiring design entitled You GOAL Girl is by 12-year-old artist Safi. It’s adorable and inspirational and features hand-drawn Women’s History heroes with a colorful background you can customize! Shop the full collection for you and the kids here!

I’m so excited about my Women’s History Month design for Erin Condren! I had so much fun drawing role models and world changers like Vice President Kamala Harris, astronaut Dr. Mae C. Jemison, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, and Purple Heart recipient Senator Tammy Duckworth. They turned their dreams into plans and their plans into ACTION. If they can do it, we can do it! That’s why I named this design You GOAL Girl!

Safi, @saficreativity

Explore More Collections Celebrating Women Every Day

Our powerful giveback collections celebrate BIPOC female voices and feature beautiful, inspirational, and functional organization essentials, desk accessories, home and office decor, and more! Shop empowering collections that give back to social justice here.

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