May covers IN BLOOM

I knew I wanted to design a floral collection for spring, something that would celebrate the beauty of mother earth and one of my favorite holidays, Mother’s Day. There is no greater inspiration for all things in bloom than a trip to the L.A. Flower District.

 Flower Mart 1

If you’ve never been, I highly suggest you take a field trip to the wholesale flower market near you. It has always been such a creative charge for me to be on the road before sunrise and drive to Downtown L.A.  (off of 6th & Wall Street) to breathe in the beautiful blooms before most of the city is even awake.

 Flower Mart 3

Dozens of vendors display the most gorgeous varieties of fresh cut florals, precious potted succulents, and even  my current favorite, the fiddle leaf fig tree. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for, but the smell of gardenias and tuberose got my creative juices flowing and I felt the rush of inspiration go through me!

 Flower Mart 4

Row after row, I found the most interesting variations and started to get the vision in my mind of how these bouquets could be photographed to live on forever in our spring collection of everything from LifePlanner™ covers to phone cases. With a packed car, I headed back to the studio and divided the blooms into buckets of color stories.

 Flower Mart 4

After a full day of photographing curated bouquets and every bloom individually, we did not want these beauties to go to waste. You should have SEEN (and heard!) the stampede when we announced to our creative team that the “EC Flower Shop” was giving away free blooms!

 Flower Mart 6

I’m so proud of how this collection came together and hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! Look out for these beauties available for sale later this week!

Outfit of the Day, the EC way! #ECootd


I’ve always been obsessed with fashion and have been “collecting” clothes since high school. Yes, it’s true, I still have some faves from the 80’s and 90’s that I’m glad I hung on to (seeing my daughter in my Jake Ryan t-shirt after forcing her to watch 16 Candles with me was a highlight.)

 Someone on our Marketing team suggested that we photograph some of my work ensembles to show more of my personal style and personality and showcase just how fashion trends can influence the collection and designs seen on the website.

The result? An ongoing #ECootd series that will appear in our Design & Style section from time to time. For details on what I’m wearing in this picture, read on!

(blazer: H&M, denim shirt: JCrew, cuffed jeans: Mother, slip-on shoes: Stella McCartney)