Floral Stitches makes its mark!

Seen all over the world and throughout history, embroidery is a trend I’ve personally admired for years. I just love that we were able to recreate this age-old art with digital “stitching” to mimic the classic woven style of needle point. Our lead designer, Aby, worked with me to properly depict this stunning artistry…and FLORAL STITCHES was born!
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How To Properly Write a Thank You Note

10909_16-11-29There is something to be said for a well-written thank you note, and thankfully, we’ve got plenty stunning stationery designs to add some glamour to your gratitude! First rule of thumb, don’t stress about the process. No matter what you send, a handwritten note is leaps and bounds more thoughtful than a digital message, so you’re already ahead of the game! Take a couple of these tips into consideration as you sit down to write your holiday thank-you’s:

1. Double, triple, quadruple check your spelling. This may seem fairly obvious, but there is a lot to be said for crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s!

2. Select stationery that speaks to your style! Tackling your thank-you’s is a lot more enjoyable when you can write them on stationery that reflects your personality! Play with personalization and color to make it your own, and match your cards to a brightly colored envelope for a pop of color that will stand out in a stack of mail!

3. Few words? Fill the space! Don’t be intimidated by a large space to fill, just increase your font size! That way it doesn’t look too bare.

4. Be specific. No one likes a generic e-mail disguised as a personalized note, so why do the same to your friends and family? Even if the thanks may be obligatory, the more specific you can be with what you are thanking them for, the more personal and profound the message will be.

5. Seal the deal! As a finishing touch, try sealing your envelope with an address label, sticker or washi tape! It’s an adorable addition that will delight the recipient before they even open it.

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danielle lucia schafferDanielle Schaffer, the author of Citygirlgonemom.com, a lifestyle blog for the modern day mom with mini’s.  She has moved coast to coast twice with her Navy dentist husband and now resides in San Diego with her four little ones and two dogs.  The life of a parent is in constant motion and Danielle’s blog is a one-stop-shop for a parent who is looking for a fresh outlook on what is trending.


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I have always loved getting a hand written note in the mail.  The feel of the paper, the pretty stationary, the anticipation of whats inside.  I think we can all agree that when we get a stack of newsletters and countless catalogues, it brings a smile to our faces when a personalized letter comes our way.  It’s also a bit more promising when someone takes the time to write you a note in our ever-increasing digital world.

I have written about the importance of manners in our home for both the boys and the girls and the personal, thoughtful gesture of a hand written note is part of it.  My children also need to work on their writing and what better way to start than with personalized thank you notes by Erin Condren.

I can’t lie, I have tried a thank you note via email and it just can’t compete with the hand written note.  I felt like it was the easy way out and it certainly wasn’t personal enough.  Emily Post would certainly be disappointed at my attempt.  Would you like your note seen on a desk or simply deleted like all the other emails we get?


What I love most about Erin Condren’s note cards is the various styles and how personal each set can be.  My kids were so excited to have their very own set of cards to express their gratitude.  I told my kids to write just three sentences and if they want to write more they can and they should.

As a mom of four children I dedicated a cabinet for all of my stationary needs.  We keep our paper, note cards, stickers, stamps, envelopes all in one place so that there is never an excuse not show gratitude.  I want my kids to distinguish themselves by always using a pen and paper.  I tell them that their efforts in a hand written note shows they can invest the time to acknowledge their friends and loved ones.

Tips For Meaningful Thank You Notes With Kids
      • Make time for it!  Nothing worse than being rushed through the thank you note process.  Don’t let snacks and cheesy hands be part of it.
      • Gather your supplies– Pull out all your stickers and stamps and colorful pens.  If you as a parent make it exciting, they too will feel the same way.
      • Teach your littles sincerity- Don’t let your kids say thank you Joey for the toy.  Have them elaborate and be descriptive.  “I love the toy you bought because its my favorite color and makes my baby brother laugh.”
      • Help them write–  If you have little ones that can’t write yet, please write for them.  Let them color or do the stamp part of the note.  Have them also help with the stamp.  Teaching these habits early, will help them later on.
      • Acts of Kindness- I love to send a fun postcard when friends and family members are not expecting it.  Have them participate in this act of kindness.

Additional items that work for our busy family is the  desk calendar that shows month at a glance and I always need to stock up on gift labels for both the kids & I.




Thank you Erin Condren for designing note cards and stationery that have personality and warmth, that an email truly does not.  Click here for your $10.00 off your first purchase!

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