2016-17 LifePlanner™ – Build Your Own Book

I’m beyond excited to introduce the 2016-2017 LifePlanner™ Stylized Organizer to you all! Check out our ‘Build Your Own’ video above for a visual of how these beautiful books come together.  To recap your options (and help you start planning out your planner choice for the June 1st launch!) each LifePlanner™ will offer the following choices:

  • Calendar Options: Choose between an 18 month planner (July 2016 – December 2017) or a 12 month version (January – December 2017)
  • Interior Color Theme:  Go crazy for colorful, or nutty for neutral!
  • Weekly Layouts: Plan your day YOUR way with a vertical, horizontal, or hourly weekly layout
  • Coil: Match your coil to your cover (or go for a mixed metallic look, if that’s your thing!) and choose from gold, silver, rose gold, or black
  • Cover Design: As always, we will have beautiful new cover designs in both our ‘Classics’ and ‘Metallics’ collection
  • Personalization: Add your name to your cover, or choose to let the design shine alone!

No matter which combination you choose, every LifePlanner™ will also come with the following:

  • New & Improved Keep It Together Folder, in either a colorful or neutral mid-century circle pattern (dependent on which color theme you choose)
  • Mid-Century Circle Vellum overlay at the front of every book, in either colorful or neutral
  • Snap-In Bookmark, featuring the mid-century circle pattern
  • Perpetual Calendar (with gorgeous gold foil accents on the cover!)
  • Dry-Erase Boards on the front and back insides of every cover design
  • Detached Plan For It Pouch, allowing for placement wherever you’d like with a free 6-in CoilClip™ Connector
  • Plus FREE goodies in your pouch that you’ll just have to wait to see!

From coil to cover, customize your LifePlanner™ any way you choose! How will you build your book?

If you’re calling in sick June 1st, don’t worry…. we won’t tell 😉

Get the Party Started

We are SO EXCITED to introduce the new 2016-2017 Erin Condren LifePlanner™ Stylized Organizer! It’s almost back.  It’s bold.  It’s beautiful.  With so many stylish choices and combinations, there’s a LifePlanner™ for everyone!

We all had way too much fun shooting this video! Get a behind-the-scenes look at our video-shoot below:

Slack for iOS Upload-8

Stay tuned for a more in-depth video as we get closer to LifePlanner™ Launch on June 1st.  We can’t wait to get this (planner) party started!

Elevate Your Accessories: A Sneak Peek!


When we started working on the 2017 LifePlanner™ Stylized Organizer I knew we also had to create an assortment of beautiful accessories to go along with the new book. We started by revamping several classics, and then began brainstorming ideas for brand-new goodies!

I know how hard it can be to decide, so we’re sharing a sneak peek of all new accessories right here!  Read on to see which of your favorite accessories got makeovers and what all-new products you can now choose from.

Second Edition Designer Sticker Book

Sticker Book, Edition 2

If you like our First Edition Designer Sticker Book, I think you’re going to LOVE this one!  This book is packed with a mixture of rose gold, platinum, and gold metallic stickers on colorful and contemporary designs.  Similar to last year, the sticker book features motivational quotes, helpful organizational stickers, and some that are just FUN!

Wet Erase Markers 

wet erase markers

You asked for them, and we listened!  I’m SO excited to introduce these gemtone beauties.  Perfect for our dashboards OR to use on the new “white board” space on all the inside interchangeable book covers.  The best part? The ink won’t rub off until you want it to… just add a little water!

Snap-In Dashboard

New Dashboard In LifePlanner™

An updated version of the dashboards you know and love, this latest addition to our dashboard collection features the Mid-Century Circles pattern that you will also see throughout the new LifePlanner™.  From goal setting to meal planning and everything in between, this two-sided reusable dashboard will be the keystone of your busy week! (Check out one of the new colors of gemtone elastic bands that will be available at launch, too!)

Magnetic Page Marker

Magnetic Bookmark

Whether you’re using it to keep track of the week in your LifePlanner™ or highlighting a to-do list in your TakeNote™ Notebook, make finding and flagging your page effortless and stylish with our new magnetic page marker. Choose from turquoise with a metallic gold asterisk, amethyst with a metallic silver asterisk, or rose pink with a metallic rose gold asterisk.  

Mini Snap-In Bookmarks 

Mini Bookmark

Take up minimal space but still save your place with these adorable miniature snap-in bookmark sets! These bookmarks will clip directly into your LifePlanner™ or Notebook for effortless organization.  Each pack will come with three variations, and will be offered in classic, metallic, or watercolor designs.   

Watercolor StylizedSticky™ Notes 

new stickynote dashboard

One of my favorite new accessory options from 2015-2016 has been updated for 2017 to feature our new Watercolor and Mid-Century Circle designs.  Whether you’re jotting down a reminder, marking a page or noting a deadline, stop & stick wherever, whenever!

Designer Edition Compliment Cards

Compliment Card, Designer Edition

Our compliment cards really are such a simple and easy way to brighten someone’s day!  For launch, we’ll be offering a new Designer Edition set, featuring some of our gorgeous new designs and all new “complimentary” phrases!

I hope you’re as excited about our new collection of accessories as we are! You know what they say… a girl can NEVER have too many accessories!


SAVE THE DATE: 2016-17 LifePlanner™ Launch

2016-17 Erin Condren LifePlanner™

The countdown is officially on. Mark your calendars; June 1st is our official LifePlanner™ Stylized Organizer Launch Date!

Erin Condren LifePlanner™

The ordering process has been revamped on our website this year to reflect the new changes, and we think you’re really going to love the update! You’ll start by selecting your cover design – and oh do we have some beauties for you to choose from (there’s two of them in the image above)! Our designers created a collection of new designs, updated classics, and of course sparkling metallic options in rose gold, gold or platinum. PLUS, the front inside cover now includes a lined dry-erase board section, while the back inside cover includes a blank dry-erase board.  More room for notes & doodles!

Erin Condren LifePlanner™

Once you have your design selected (drumroll, please…) you can then select which coil you’d like. Yes, you read that right! Select from gold, silver, rose gold, or the trendy NEW black option. Mix and match metallics, or opt for a sleek black coil with a bright cover. The options are endless and the customization is incredible!

Once you have your cover and coil combination selected, you’ll then move on to personalization. You asked, we listened… all LifePlanners™ can be personalized with your name or you can let the pattern have the spotlight without personalization! Want to know one of most exciting site updates?!? We will now offer a preview of your personalization right on the screen – from the text you entered to any custom color combinations selected!

Colorful Theme Sneak Peek

Neutral Theme Sneak Peek

Now we’re getting to the really good stuff… the insides of your LifePlanner™! As you could in 2016, you’ll be able to choose from either a horizontal, vertical, or hourly weekly layout. A BIG update to the layout is the ability to now select your color theme – colorful or NEW neutral! The site will allow you to explore each layout & color theme combination, so you can investigate all of your options before making the final decision. Each weekly layout will be available in either color scheme.

LifePlanner™ Features Sneak Peek

Last, but certainly not least, there are other exciting updated features inside every LifePlanner™. The vellum overlay front page, the ruler, and the perpetual calendar all feature the mid-century circles pattern which you will also see throughout the interior of all color schemes & weekly layouts.

LifePlanner™ Pouch Sneak Peek

The Plan For it Pouch will also feature Mid-Century circles and for the first time ever you can decide where to snap it in! You’ll receive a 6in CoilClip™ connector that you can adhere to your pouch, allowing you to clip it into your LifePlanner™ in the front, the back, or leave it in your bag! You’ll have to wait for launch day to see what other free goodies are coming in the pouch. 😉

As always, the Erin Condren LifePlanner™ will be available in two calendar options at launch, 18 month (July 2016-December 2017) and 12 month (January-December 2017). Now comes the fun part… deciding which LifePlanner™ you’ll be using this year! Let’s get this (planner) party started!


#VIPlanner Sneak Peek: Luxe & Launch Date

Save the date & don’t be late – LifePlanner™ Stylized Organizer Launch is coming JUNE 1st and as #VIPlanners, you’re the very first to know! We also have even more sneak peeks that I just couldn’t wait any longer to fill you in on.

Turquoise Luxe Line LifePlanner™

I’m so excited to introduce the newest edition to the LifePlanner™ family, the 2017 Luxe Line! This special collection features stunning metallic quotes on supple, rich leather-like covers. These beauties are just so gorgeous in person!

2016-2017 EC LifePlanner™ Luxe Line

2016-2017 EC LifePlanner™ Luxe Line

The interior of the covers have been dyed to match and are then pressed to the leather-like material, creating a sturdy, durable cover protecting the interior pages. Choose between rose gold, gold and platinum quotes with a matching metallic coil on these permanently bound books. Our designers pre-selected the most flattering shade to coordinate with each metallic, and I’m just in love with the end result!

2016-2017 EC LifePlanner™ Luxe Line

You then get to customize the inside of your book to fit your personal look! Choose between horizontal, vertical and hourly layouts and opt for either our colorful classic or NEW neutral color way. For full customization capabilities, our classic LifePlanner™ now gives you more options than ever before!

2016-2017 EC LifePlanner™ Luxe Line

So the question is… which combination will you do? Whether you go with an #ECLuxePlanner OR an #ECLifePlanner, I know you’ll LOVE your custom LifePlanner™!

Plus, you could always just get one of each! 😉


jen and charlotte january 2016Hello, fellow Planner Enthusiasts! My name is Jen and I’m a midwest gal who blogs and vlogs from home over at Pretty Neat Living. I have an amazing husband (who cooks!), the hairiest dog princess pup you’ve ever seen, and a sweet four month old daughter named Charlotte who is the light of my life.

I’ve been a planner enthusiast since I was old enough to keep a calendar. My first planner dates back to fifth grade! Fast forward twenty or so years and I still enjoy taking notes, writing down goals, and keeping track of tasks in my planners with color coding and stickers.

I was introduced to the wonderfully colorful world of Erin Condren a few years ago and I’ve kept a Life Planner to help plan my posts, videos, and related tasks since January 2014. Over the past year it has become my one and only planner where I organize not only my online content but also my daily goings on. I prefer the vertical format for easy day to day planning. When I became pregnant with Charlotte I knew I wanted to keep a planner for her as well. As someone who is particularly fond of documenting life’s happenings in writing, I decided a Life Planner would be the perfect tool to help me track Charlotte’s growth, development, and milestones both big and small.

  I opted for the gold coil Life Planner for a bit of pizzazz and ordered a lace interchangeable cover which I had personalized with Charlotte’s name. A beautiful planner for a beautiful girl! Charlotte was born on December 28, which just happened to work out perfectly to start documenting her days with a 2016 calendar.


The monthly spread is perfect for an at a glance overview of Charlotte’s milestones and special moments. I use planner stickers that I purchase on Etsy to highlight certain dates. I sum up Charlotte’s milestones in a list on the sidebar.

  I use the weekly spread for “the daily report,” as I like to call it. Custom stickers from Paper Loving Mommy on Etsy mark off each section. I track Charlotte’s feeds and sleep to note any developing patterns. As a new mama it helps me navigate this unknown territory as I figure out what’s best for my daughter. I document anything noteworthy from the day in the lined space at the bottom of the spread, such as Charlotte’s moods, any new tricks she’s showing off, outings we take together, people we see, etc. I use the sidebar on the left to sum up our week each Sunday and always make sure to fill in the thankful thought section.


I love using my Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer with Charlotte’s planner. I take lots of pictures of her every day with my phone and thought it would be fun to include a daily snap in her planner. There’s nothing quite like a photo a day to see how much she grows and changes! One sheet of the Polaroid ZINK photo paper is perfectly sized for two photos that fit neatly inside one of the sections on the Life Planner vertical weekly spread. Every other day I use the Polaroid Zip mobile app on my phone to design a two-photo collage print out, cut the photos into two, and stick them to the page using the self-adhesive backing on the photo paper. It’s quick and easy to do and is the perfect finishing touch to my documentation of Charlotte’s first year.


I make a daily practice out of filling out Charlotte’s planner. I use an acrylic tray to corral the planner, a notebook (to document longer stories), and the Polaroid Zip on my bedside table. Every night before I go to sleep I fill out the day in the weekly spread using information I keep track of during the day with the BabyConnect app. The whole process takes less than five minutes. On Sunday, I’ll write out my thoughts from the week on the side bar and fill in anything noteworthy on the monthly spread. It’s a quick and easy practice that helps me track patterns and document moments both big and small from my daily experience of my daughter.

I haven’t been able to find the time to start working on Charlotte’s baby book yet, but I know once I do I’ll have all of the information and memories I need to make a beautiful keepsake for our family. The planner in itself is its own little time capsule of this sweet time in my life as a new mama. Having the daily photos makes it all the more special. I’m sure how I keep track of Charlotte’s growth will change with time, but I hope to keep up the daily photo documentation practice over the years.

I’d love to hear if you use a planner or something similar to document life with your little one. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram if you care to share!

#VIPlanner Sneak Peek: Color

Sneak Peek 0506 1

It’s no secret that I’m wild about COLOR and I love embracing and celebrating that fact through all of our products. But over the years we’ve seen lots of feedback from shoppers wanting a more subtle color scheme. Sooooo, ask and ye shall receive! I am so excited to introduce a more monochromatic, stylish spin on the colorful LifePlanner™….we’ve saved a seat for NEUTRALS!

That’s right….this year we have a new option that is primarily black and shades of grey, with just subtle pops of color throughout the book. When I say neutral, I don’t mean boring, lackluster or missing any of the key design elements that make an #ECLifePlanner so special.

Sneak Peek 0506 2

This stylish colorway embraces the design elements of Midcentury Circles (inspired by the tile I chose for our remodel, see blog post here!) but has a more sophisticated vibe than our Colorful Classic. With Calligraphy back in fashion, we’ve felt it was appropriate to illustrate each month by hand, as well as the stunning inspirational quotes. Black and greys blended with ivory and an occasion pop of pastel make for a book that you can pare down or pile it on! Meaning if you’re a gal who likes simple sophistication, this is your book. However, it might also be the perfect “canvas” for the gal who wants to create her own weekly color scheme and can pile her personality on each page with stickers, washi tape and other accessories!


For all my colorful enthusiasts, don’t worry…we still have you covered! Gorgeous gemstone hues are seen throughout the book in motivational quotes, pops of pattern and in the mulitcolored Midcentury Circles design. Colorful tabs and bright accessories further enhance this colorful classic. Decisions, decisions…which color scheme will you choose?

#VIPlanner Sneak Peek: Accessories

We have so many new features and exciting new accessories, it’s been tough to decide what to “sneak” without giving too much away! As #VIPlanners, you get the first glimpse inside the book… and we hope you like what you see! All year we had people asking, “what is the best pen to use on the dashboards?” Well, guess what? We spent all year developing the cutest set of Wet Erase Markers the world has ever seen! Ok, so I might be a bit biased, but I am SO excited to finally be able to sell these beauties, perfect for using on any snap-in dashboard. Just like the pens used on transparencies for overhead projectors, these markers will stay on until you want to wipe them off. Unlike DRY Erase markers, these WET Erase Markers don’t smudge off easily. Just wipe away with water when you are ready to start fresh again.

Dry Erase 1

Speaking of dashboards… we obviously have to launch with a stunning new one that features “Midcentury Circles” design elements found throughout the LifePlanner™ Stylized Organizer. Clip it in, plan it out and use Wet Erase Markers to make note of what to do today and wipe away (with water) in time for tomorrow!

Dry Erase 4
Finally… drumroll… each cover now features a wipe away whiteboard on the inside cover! That’s right, the front inside cover has a lined whiteboard and the back inside cover is blank. Jot down your to-dos or doodle your dreams, both are now included in your LifePlanner™.
Dry Erase 2

I better stop now before I reveal everything….stay tuned! There are so many more surprises in store!

Dry Erase 3

#VIPlanner Sneak Peek: Design

Hard to believe this will be the 10th Edition of the LifePlanner™, I feel like this (planner) party is just getting started! Our #VIPlanner program gives you early & exclusive access to the biggest “party” (aka: launch) of the year!

This week we are giving a sneak peek into the inspiration behind this year’s interior design theme of the LifePlanner™.  While in the process of a much anticipated home remodel, I’ve been so energized by all the patterns and tile designs. I fell in love with this idea of a modern take on concentric circles, and after collaborating with my design team (and the pantone library of color), “Midcentury Circles” was born!

LP Sneak Peek 1 1

Then, after another long overdue project of clearing out my closet, I came across this skirt I wore on Christmas 15 years ago when pregnant with my twins. It seems that I’ve always had an eye for this timeless midcentury modern framework and I’m thrilled to weave it in and out of the new LifePlanner™ collection.

LP Sneak Peek 1 3
LP Sneak Peek 1 2

I hope you love this aesthetic as much as I do… “Midcentury Circles” makes its debut in subtle places throughout the book and is the perfect splash of color to brighten and inspire.

We are SO excited to reveal even more about the 2017 LifePlanner™…stay tuned and welcome to the #VIPlanner pre-party!

Sneak Peek: NEW TakeNote™ Notebooks & Journals

NotebooksJournals 1

New times Two!

We are just so excited about the launch of our new TakeNote™ Notebooks and TakeNote™ Journals (updated: launch date 3/24/16!) & wanted to give our blog readers an inside look at what is so special.

NotebooksJournals 2

First of all, did someone say METALLIC?! Our TakeNote™ Notebooks are now available in Metallic Gold, Platinum & Rose Gold which is so stunning.

NotebooksJournals 3

The coil is absolutely one of my favorite things; my team keeps teasing me because I consistently refer to it as “the most adorable little coil in the world” at meetings, but it really is! This smaller coil elevates this book to sleek and sophisticated, plus it fits easily in your bag. (See the difference between the new Notebook coil and the larger LifePlanner coil that supports a much bigger book.)

NotebooksJournals 6

And with a new lower price point, why just pick one? You can use an 8.5″x11″ lined Notebook at the office or in the classroom, and keep a smaller 7″x9″ dot grid journal at your bedside for freeform writing and doodles.

NotebooksJournals 4

In addition to coiled TakeNote™ Notebooks, we have NEW bound TakeNote™ Journals! These 7″x9″ precious journals are just fab! The covers feature a decadent satin finish with a smooth, matte laminate and are available with personalized classic designs and metallic quotes!

NotebooksJournals 5

Did I mention we have both perforated college-ruled lined pages as well as a NEW dot grid layout in both books?! TWO cute!

So what’s the difference between our Notebooks and Journals? Really it’s all in the way we bind them. The Personalized Journals are bound like a book. The pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong and flexible thermal glue, making the slim design of the Journals a bit more portable for a gal-on-the-go. The Notebooks have a sturdy plated coil that come in Platinum, Gold or Rose Gold and loop the pages together securely. You can use the coil to snap in accessories and further customize your Notebook with dividers and more!

There are so many ways to use these Notebooks & Journals. Whether you take the lined option to class or work meeting, or slip a dot grid journal into your carry-on bag for traveling or songwriting on the go… there is bound (pun intended) to be a book that fits your busy life!

NotebooksJournals 7

As if this all weren’t enough we’ve got new rollerball pens, new sticky accessories for stylish storage, new Good to Go™ Metallic divider sets and SO much more! Want all the nitty gritty details, page by page? Make sure to check out our detailed videos below…