Blogger Takeover: Wedding Planning with @bohemiancrown


Stephanie Abraham ( is a style, fashion and beauty blogger that lives her life by the motto “It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.” Her blog, The Bohemian Crown, is dedicated to helping viewers create a personal style, express their fashion, and define their beauty! With over a decade of fashion and personal styling experience in NYC and Columbus, she gives knowledge and confidence to make everyone’s wardrobe work for them in any situation! Recently engaged, her latest posts share behind-the-scenes looks at how Steph is planning her upcoming nuptials.


Planning a wedding comes with a lot of details, appointments, and a very specific time frame. Sometimes it can be overwhelming keeping it all together especially in one place. I rely heavily on my Erin Condren LifePlanner™ for everyday life, so I knew that when it came to planning my BIG day, their new Wedding Planner was a must!

Details about the planner:
• Monthly spreads- You can choose from 12 to 24 months (great if you have a longer engagement!)

• Quote pages throughout- I loved the daily inspirational messages throughout!

• “I DO” list section- This includes lists like wedding colors, styles and themes and most importantly…wedding must-haves! This section also lists important things to keep track of for each month. For example, 14-9 months ahead of the wedding focuses on your budget, selecting your wedding party, finalizing your date and booking your officiant. There are also checklists for 8-6 months, 6-4 months, 4-2, 1 month before, the week of the wedding, and last but not least the “stress-free-bride-to-be wedding day timeline!” It is a life-saver and helps tremendously to see the list visually. It doesn’t hurt that it’s gorgeous, either!

• Vendor contact list- This is genius! Its hard enough to keep appointments together let alone all the vendors you visit during the wedding planning process. It has all the information like emails, phone numbers, and addresses, so you can quickly reference everything in one place.

• Wedding menu- The menu feature is really nice, because you have a notes space to keep for all of your tastings. If you do a ton of them it can be difficult to remember which items you liked and which items you did not.

• Gift log- I can’t tell you how many times these lists can get lost, or are on a random sheet of paper that you can’t read. The gift log is set up to include the names, gift and an area to cross off to ensure you sent your thank you’s. It is so important to show your appreciation for those who took the time to share your big day.

If you are like me and need to see your lists on paper, this planner is for you. In today’s digital world, it can be difficult to keep track of all your important tasks. I prefer to have something I can physically open up, make notes, and check off to-do’s in so I leave feeling organized and accomplished. This Wedding Planner is portable and great to keep around the house so both me AND my fiancé have access to the wedding details at all times.

Using my Wedding Planner has helped me stress less and focus on what’s most important: the love!


aby inspiration 2

Inspiration is all around us! Our designs, both monthly covers and classic favorites, are always inspired by a blend of things. Sometimes I’ll see a fashion trend like rose gold, lace or butterflies and create a unique interpretation for the EC collection. I love to take photos of fashionable window displays or tear inspiration from a magazine and have creative collaborations with my fabulous design team.

Our very talented lead graphic designer, Aby, shared some of her favorite personal projects and how they go from an idea in her head to the cover of your LifePlanner™! I ambushed her over coffee last week and thought the community would love to know how she works!

Q: Aby! Do tell…what are some of your favorite patterns that you’ve designed?

A: I definitely have a soft spot for the watercolors. Hmm, so I’d say the new Watercolor Floral, Watercolor Shine, Butterfly and (non-watercolor) Lace!

Q: How do you go from an idea to a full-fledged design and how do you ensure that it’s on brand with the other products on the site?

A: After working here for almost 4 years, I have a strong sense of what direction we are looking to go with the brand based on what’s in style for the season and then I try to put my own twist on it. Butterflies were something that you were super passionate about and after seeing the awesome pictures of your kids hatching butterflies from 10 years ago, inspiration took flight (pardon the pun!) I took that idea and hand-drew the butterflies you see on the cover, but overlay them with a watercolor palette to make it a bit different.    aby inspiration 4 Q: Are you inspired by things in your own life that you see in these designs? A: I definitely don’t even realize how much certain things affect me. “Watercolor Shine” for example, has a specific color gradient that is strikingly similar to one of my favorite scarves. I didn’t look at that scarf and model it after the pattern per se, but one day when I was wearing it, I realized how much it had impacted me subconsciously when I went to design that cover.

 Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: Getting to work with such innovative people, doing something I love every single day and ending up with beautiful designs that I had a hand in creating that make thousands of people happy. It’s amazing!

aby inspiration 3

 Q: Finally, what layout of the LifePlanner™ do you use and which cover?

A: I have a Rose Gold Horizontal LifePlanner™ (I designed that layout as my ideal planner, so I HAVE to use it) with a Butterfly cover! Though I am loving our NEW April Watercolor Drops cover, shown above.


Trend Alert: Printed Socks

crazy socks

It’s no secret I’m constantly following what’s new in fashion but I’ve really jumped in feet first (appropriate seeing it is LEAP day!) on this crazy printed sock trend! It really started more than a year ago when I saw my son and his teenage friends make a statement with their socks. My son is actually very conservative with his fashion style (unlike his mama!), so he started slow with neutral striped & spotted socks but his collection (and confidence) has grown and now my whole family is on board with this trend.

I stole these turqouise stripes from my husband’s drawer and I mixed and matched two pairs of Star Wars socks from my son’s closet to create this “force”-ful combo. I’m hoping this fashion statement continues for a while now that I have every theme from Valentine to Christmas covered (literally.)



Crazy to think it’s been three years since I last was blogging! I’m so excited for this new look and feel that reflects the changes (not just to my hair!) and improvements we’ve made as a company, and can’t wait for all that’s in store!

From sneak peeks into photo shoots, current fashion trends that inspire, guest blogger features & my tried-and-true entertaining and organizing tips, our revamped blog will be a unique mix of content: pop culture, entertaining, organization, motivational quotes, fashion, DIY projects and more! I am so excited to be able to create a colorful space to celebrate my favorite things and give a peek into the chaos of my day-to-day life.

Come join me on this next adventure….



Outfit of the Day, the EC way! #ECootd


I’ve always been obsessed with fashion and have been “collecting” clothes since high school. Yes, it’s true, I still have some faves from the 80’s and 90’s that I’m glad I hung on to (seeing my daughter in my Jake Ryan t-shirt after forcing her to watch 16 Candles with me was a highlight.)

 Someone on our Marketing team suggested that we photograph some of my work ensembles to show more of my personal style and personality and showcase just how fashion trends can influence the collection and designs seen on the website.

The result? An ongoing #ECootd series that will appear in our Design & Style section from time to time. For details on what I’m wearing in this picture, read on!

(blazer: H&M, denim shirt: JCrew, cuffed jeans: Mother, slip-on shoes: Stella McCartney)