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I found this information on TrueSport.org and agree with every word:

The literature on youth sport stresses the positive effects of participation in learning the important life skills of goal setting and time management combined with enjoyment; the development of a strong sense of morality; and the development of an appreciation of diversity.

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Studies have shown that children playing sports are more likely to exhibit:

• higher grades • greater personal confidence and self-esteem • greater connections with school • stronger peer relationships • more academically oriented friends • greater family attachment and more frequent interactions with parents • more restraint in avoiding risky behavior; and • greater involvement in volunteer work

As a UCLA grad, this quote from Legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, always resonated with me.
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A daughter of a college baseball & women’s softball coach, I have been “coached” through my entire life, not only in sports, but also as a parent and a business owner. My business partner has told me that one of my greatest qualities is that I’m “coachable,” listen intently and apply my experiences to the overall improvement of my “game.”

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My daughter is in 8th grade and it’s her last year to play in our city league. When asked to be an assistant coach, I jumped at the opportunity! It has been an incredible few months, practicing each week with these girls and getting psyched for game days. In just the few hours we are together each week, I have watched this team mature in leaps and bounds (or should I say, REbounds) and their confidence has skyrocketed. I’ve even learned so much more about this fantastic game from our head coach (another fabulous, multi-tasking mom) who played college basketball for Florida State.

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Sometimes it’s tough to add more to a busy schedule, but I am so glad I found a way to fit this in. We are currently seeded #1 going into the playoffs, but win or lose, this experience has been priceless and the memories will surely last a lifetime.

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