Balance is not something you find; it’s something you create. Journaling is a creative way to center yourself, refresh your mind, motivation and creativity. Learn how to unplug and destress by journaling, including journaling prompts that help you focus, reflect and discover your path to stress-free productivity!

Fun fact: Just keeping a journal can help you improve memory, confidence, and intelligence. It’s an important part of a healthy self-care routine.

Let’s face it, in a digital world that’s always on, it’s no wonder most find it relaxing to physically write in a paper journal. Journals can help you manage your experiences, set goals and build a positive state of mind.

Nobody knows the art of journaling like Greta Solomon, who has been called the “Marie Kondo of writing.” She’s also the author of Heart, Sass & Soul: Journal Your Way to Inspiration and Happiness.

Greta made a list of her favorite questions to inspire your next journal entries.

Journal Prompts for Stress-Free Productivity

What are you grateful for?

Practicing gratitude can improve your relationships, mindfulness and mental and physical health. Positive thoughts are powerful thoughts!

How did you use your smartphone today?

Start by writing down all the different ways you used your phone during the day. By reflecting on this in your journal, you can nurture healthy device habits.

When do you have the most energy during the day?

Once you know when you have the most energy, adjust your schedule accordingly. Save the biggest tasks for the time you are most inspired.

What does your perfect day look like?

If you had no obligations, how would you spend your day? This thought exercise helps you discover the people and activities that you value the most.

What creative activity relaxes you?

Once you write down this aspect of your life, create space in your calendar for that relaxing creative activity. With planning, you can discover more time to enjoy life.

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