Erin Condren Rose Gold Custom PlannerHave you ever wanted to plan your own meet-up for local bloggers or fellow planners in your area?

We attended a Southern California planner meet up to connect in person with the incredible individuals we so often speak with online. You may have seen the hashtag #plannerfriendsmakethebestfriends on Instagram, and it’s true! This community is simply filled with organized and stylized people.

If you’ve ever wanted to connect with like-minded people in your area, planning a meet-up might feel intimidating, but we’re here to provide a few helpful tips to get you started.

Hosting a Planner Meet Up

  • Decide if you are going to have a co-host

After deciding on a GALentine’s Day brunch, it became clear co-hosting was the way to go. Danielle Schaffer from, was kind enough to host some multi-tasking mamas in her beautiful home. Discussing balancing building a business with raising a family and coordinating a family schedule was an incredible experience with this likeminded group!

Planners and Bloggers

  • Select a location and date

We chose to host a brunch in the middle of the week.  This allowed for attending moms to drop their children at school and head over for some special time…and they didn’t have to sacrifice precious weekend time with their families.

  • Find local bloggers or planners

For this event, we created a list of local bloggers and influencers in Danielle’s area to connect with and mingle.  Most people are limited with time, and it makes sense to reach out to those as close to the event location as possible. Not involved in planner groups? Now’s the time to join planning-dedicated groups on social platforms like Facebook and discover local planners who share your enthusiasm!

Party Snacks and Food

  • Coordinate details

We chose to serve fresh vegan smoothies, waffles, mimosas, and coffee.  Danielle had a beautiful pink donut wall made by and we mingled and enjoyed snacks before exchanging some planning tools!

Party Food

  • Mingle

Be sure to mingle and especially make sure no one is left alone. This is why we’re here… to make connections! Some people might be less comfortable in a group setting, so be sure to use your role as host to connect people. Pro tip: create a list of attendees with their social handles on a piece of paper so people can easily tag, share and connect after the event is over

So… are you ready to take the plunge and plan your own planner get together?

Erin Condren Planner Meet Up

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