By now you may have noticed that shibori is having a MAJOR moment (and we’re kind of obsessed!) What you may not have known is that DIYing your own shibori is actually much simpler than you may think! Our design team got their crafting fix and created the stunning patterns seen on our own shibori products…and now we’re sharing how they did it with you!

What you need:
-Indigo dyeing kit
-Wood blocks
-Rubber bands
-Small wood squares
-Long wooden stick
-Large container with air-tight lid
-Plastic drop-cloth
-Rubber gloves

What to dye:
-Non-synthetic fabric; we recommend cotton! (Make sure to pre-wash fabric.)
-White (or light colored) fabric
-Ready-made fabric items including pillow cases, curtains, duvet covers etc.

What to do
-Start by mixing your indigo dye with water according to the package directions on the dye you purchased. Tip: indigo reacts with oxygen, so keep covered with airtight lid when not actively dyeing. (Cover and let sit for an hour!)
-Fold and bind your fabric!
-Soak your folded & bound fabric completely in water, then wring out.
-Dunk fabric into indigo dye and hold under the surface for 10 minutes.
-Try not to agitate the dye by working gently under the surface of the dye.
-Test a bunch of different fabrics and folding methods to see what fabric you like best!
-Don’t panic! When you remove your fabric from the indigo, it won’t be blue yet; yellow-green is normal! Let it dry for 20 minutes and see the oxygen turn the fabric its gorgeous blue color.
-Rinse the fabric in water, wring it out and let dry
-Enjoy your stunning shibori creation!

There are many different shibori folding techniques, but for this craft session we folded our fabrics into a diagonal design (known as arashi), diamond design (Itajime) and rings design (kumo). Read on to see how you can replicate any (or all) designs!

Diagonal Design:
To achieve the diagonal design, you use the “arashi” method of shibori, also known as the pole-wrapping method. Start by folding your fabric as many times as you wish, knowing that each fold indicates a change in direction of stripe. Once folded, wrap the pole at a diagonal starting from the middle and start wrapping your string! Each wraparound of string creates a stripe that will be lighter than the remaining fabric, so tie as tightly or loosely as you prefer. Secure the fabric with tape for stability and it’s time to dye!

Diamond design:
To achieve the diamond design, fold your fabric lengthwise into a long strip (for larger triangles to create a wider strip!) Once you’ve made your strip, fold into triangles and secure with rubber bands on each corner!

To make the ring pattern, bunch up wads of fabric and rubber band it to create small abstract rings of white!

Are you inspired to create your own chic DIY design? Ready, set, CREATE!

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