I can’t believe the day is finally here… I’m so proud to announce the launch of art prints by Erin Condren! Ever since partnering with Marco Fine Arts, a fine arts printing company of the highest quality and reputation, I’ve dreamed of diving into the interior design space. Today, my long-term goal has become a reality: to bring the same colorful and motivational designs from your desktop to your decor!

Not only is it thrilling to see our designs as the true pieces of art that they are, it feels fantastic to know that through this partnership, we’re bringing our customers the finest quality art prints available. Ever since partnering with Al Marco of Marco Fine Arts, we’ve been able to vertically integrate our processes to keep costs at a minimum without sacrificing quality- and it’s all made right her in the good ‘ol USA! From the archival paper we print on, to the contemporary-cool wooden frame and everything in between, each component is a display of the finest craftsmanship in the biz- and boy, aren’t these babies beautiful!

Here’s a bite-sized breakdown of just how awesome these art prints really are:


Archival Paper

In the printing world, there are two types of paper: there’s archival…and then there’s everything else! Kidding, but in all seriousness, when a print is exposed to all sorts of light, temperature, and humidity the paper quality really does matter. Archival paper, and particularly the matte white paper we print on, allows the vibrancy and integrity of the artwork to really pop, and prevents it from fading or wrinkling over time.


Rich Finish Wooden Frame

While I am certainly no expert on interior design, one thing I’ve learned is that contemporary styles are seriously versatile, making our frames the perfect addition to any aesthetic. Not only does their angular profile pair well with a ton of style themes, the gesso coating gives the moulding a rich, smooth finish that’s seriously sleek and unobtrusive, letting the beauty of the print do all the talking.


Acrylic Cover & Dust Protector

Two words: shatter-proof! I don’t know about y’all, but living in earthquake country along with a busy home filled with two teens and a dog, a shatter-proof print is exactly what I look for when filling my walls. The acrylic cover does just that, while also protecting the print itself from any wear and tear. On the backside, an acid-free dust cover provides a custom finish.


Hardware Instant gratification is the name of the game: when I order an item, I want to be able to enjoy it right away! All of our prints are fitted with hardware necessary for hanging, so as soon as it arrives, your art is ready to be displayed. Now if only picking the actual prints were this easy!

Not quite sure how everything should hang? Stay tuned for our upcoming post on how to create a gallery wall!

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