jumbo calendar- non-photo

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Backed with heavy duty (.125” thick), clear ACRYLIC, I rest the calendar on my hip and mark-up-my-month while keeping one eye on the kids riding bikes on the block. The “plexi-back” also makes it perfect to perch on any cookbook holder in the kitchen for easy viewing and managing a busy family schedule that others can add to. I tell my husband and kids, "if it's not on the calendar, it's not going to happen!". We also use one for production planning and deadlines in the office.  The large blank squares fill up quickly with daily "to dos" and goals to keep us all on track. Our handy information guide provides important information for your babysitter and housesitter, and is readily accessible for the rest of the family!

*This is a 12-month 2015 Calendar.

dimensions 11" x 17" without the plexiglass backing