Are you experiencing planner envy ?

Looking for tips on planning in the Deluxe Monthly Planner? Do you see all the stunning #ErinCondren posts on Instagram and feel like your planner needs a boost? Simply looking for a creative outlet? We're here to help you with ideas for maximizing productivity in your NEW Deluxe Monthly Planner!

Step 1: Decide how you're going to use it!

The Deluxe Monthly Planner is an incredible tool when it comes to tackling a specific or specialized topic, like budgeting or building out a content calendar. Decide what your goals are and set an intention for your planning.

Step 2: Set goals in the two-page goals spread

Start your planning by setting intentions. Whether you're setting goals by the month (with one box for each month of the year) or targeting specific topics (like health, finances and personal), make a point to make a goal!

Step 3: Add dates to your monthly calendar

Start by adding any important dates to your monthly calendars. From birthdays to holidays, exams to anniversaries, note those important days you don't want to forget!

Step 4: Take notes in style!

Notes pages in between the months, in addition to a full 40-page notebook behind the monthly calendar means you can combine the best parts of a LifePlanner™ with the structure of a notebook!

Step 5: Customize your planner!

Create a personalized planner that's perfect for your! Customize your cover and add on the extras! For the first time ever, you can add up to 80 notes pages so you can take even more notes!

Don't forget to accessorize! There are so many ways to organize your days with this must-have book!