How to Stay Organized On the Go with Erin Condren!

How CUTE is Erin's Planny Pack + Champagne On the Go Folio ensemble?! And what's inside is even better! Let's take a closer look …

Planny Pack: It’s like a Fanny Pack for your planner!

Fun, functional & tote-ally practical for toting all your writing tools, stickers & other awesome planning accessories WITH your planner. Planny Pack … talk about keeping it TOGETHER!

On the Go Folio: The best way to stylize while you organize!

Luxe leatherette & available in stunning colors, the On the Go Folio holds up to four Erin Condren PetitePlanners or Petite Journals for the perfect powerful petite planning package!

PetitePlanners & Journals: Petite, Portable, Practical … ADORABLE!

Most of us are working on more than one project or plan at a time. For precise-but-easy planning--whether you’re planning your pregnancy, setting goals, meal planning, budgeting & more--there’s a PetitePlanner for that! Erin uses the following PetitePlanners in her On the Go Folio:
• Daily Planner
• Petite Journal
• Limited Edition PetitePlanner
• Gratitude Journal

The Multiple Planner System: Perfect for fun, functional & oh-so-versatile planning!

Did you notice that Erin uses her LifePlanner™ AND an On the Go Folio system with her fave PetitePlanners? And she’s not the only one! Many enjoy multiple planning systems for multiple purposes. Some like to use a coiled or Hardbound LifePlanner™ at home or work and a more petite & portable planning system for on the go. Others use a different planner for each member of the family to track different schedules, tasks, health treatments and more! Some Erin Condren employees use a Hardbound LifePlanner™ for work projects & PetitePlanners for personal planning. No matter what your goals & tasks are, no matter how many schedules & projects you manage, there’s an Erin Condren planner that’s perfect for you!

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