You’ve got this!

Are you the maid of honor in an upcoming wedding or know someone close to you recently engaged? Are you dreading having to plan, execute and throw a Bridal Shower?! Not to worry, we have stylish tips to get you ready to celebrate in EC style!

1) Coordinate with the bride & set a date.

If you've found yourself in charge of throwing the bridal shower, step number one is to get the bride's schedule! Her calendar and yours are most important, so see what works for her and go from there. Check in with other bridesmaids and family of the bride to make sure that day works for most & set the date!

2) Finalize your guest list.

Work with the bride to develop a guest list that's reasonable and within your capability. Be honest with what makes sense for your budget. Once you've decided on a final number, work with the bride to get the invitee's information. Pro tip: the bride likely already has a working excel list with all the contact information for her wedding guests! Have her share it with you so you can easily gain access to the info you need!

3) Decide on a venue.

Most Bridal Showers tend to be in homes or backyards if space permits, but feel free to get creative! If you don't have the space, check with local restaurants and see if you can work out a deal for a private room with a minimum guaranteed spend (that's within your budget- don't want any surprises on the day!)

4) Send invitations.

Whether you're all about paper like we are, or opt for an e-invite, make sure to send invitations with plenty of time for out-of-town guests to make arrangements to attend. Put a firm "RSVP by" date so you can have an accurate count for food and beverages.

5) Design a Make-Your-Own Mimosa Bar!

Ever popular and totally trendy, make-your-own-mimosa bars are the way to go! Buy clear glass old-fashioned milk or water jugs and fill them with different juices so guests can mix & march to their preference. Have champagne ready to be refilled and allow guests to make their own!

6) Decide on a menu!

Whether you're having food catered or taking on the project yourself, decide on a menu that fits the time of day and season. Finger sandwiches and an array of salads (think quinoa, pasta or green) are always a nice go-to!

7) Hunt down a cute cake topper.

Etsy and other shops have so many darling cake toppers so you can adorn your cake with a sweet saying that adds to the decor and theme!

8) Coordinate decor!

Decoration is the key to any celebration! And it doesn't have to be expensive either! If you want a rustic look, opt for burlap table runners with a touch of lace for understated elegance. Etsy and other specialty stores have cute hanging signs and banners that add to the celebratory vibe.

9) Add personalized touches!

What's the fun without calling out the bride's NEW name!? We love personalizing EC placemat pads & weatherproof gift labels for guest water bottles to truly celebrate the bride-to-be!

10) Games never the groom!

Reach out to the groom directly and ask him a series of questions about the bride! Have the guests guess how the groom responded and give the winner a prize! It's always fun to tape the groom's responses to show everyone- it's both sweet and silly!

11) Don't forget to save the bows!

If this is your first wedding, you may not be familiar with this long-standing tradition, but the bows from the bridal shower have been traditionally constructed into a "bouquet" that the bride carries during her wedding rehearsal the day before her wedding. It's the Maid of Honor's job to safely hold onto these ribbons for that occasion!

12) Coordinate (secretly!) with the groom.

t's always sentimental when the groom ducks in at the last minute to surprise the bride. Coordinate with the groom and give him a window of time when you're likely to be wrapping up the party. He can surprise his bride and help her pack up her car with gifts!

13) Give the bride a day to remember!

Remember, the bride is likely stressing over the upcoming wedding, and this is a day that celebrate her and she doesn't have to plan! Think about how much you'd appreciate someone doing it for you, and don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on fun and everyone will have a good time!