You've made the empowering decision to start and host a book club of your very own! Aside from being a wonderful social activity, you're actively encouraging yourself to read more, which is wonderful! But how exactly are you going to do it? Luck for you, we've got a few tips!

1) Invite a group of peers you want to join, but don't overextend the invite.

Book club discussions can get sidetracked easily if there are too many members, so carefully and thoughtfully decide who to invite. A varied group with different backgrounds and opinions is best because each person will bring a unique opinion to group discussion. 6-7 people is ideal.

2) Decide how you want to alternate hosting duties.

Depending on where everyone is commuting from, you may want to select a central location in a public place like a restaurant, or decide if you're comfortable hosting at each other's homes. A commonplace idea is to alternate hosting duties, so each member takes on the responsibility one month and then it continues rotating.

3) Vote on a fair system for selecting books.

Everyone has their own personal style and some people's tastes in literature may differ! Decide how you want to select the month's choice in a fair and democratic way. A good idea is to have one person bring a list of 5-6 suggestions and the group votes, with the majority vote winning! The next month, a different member brings 5-6 selections to vote on. This way, everyone has a say and no one person is dominating the selection process.

4) Pick a date.

Finding a date that works for all members can be difficult. Try to establish a routine so everyone can block out that date moving forward. For example, try meeting the first Thursday or every month or the third Wednesday. Whatever day works best for the group- stick to it so you can develop a routine and encourage people to come routinely.

5) Don't skip!

It's so easy to say "I have a busy month, I just can't read!", but even if that's the case- read as much as you can and still rally for bookclub! Making the point to commit and follow through on your commitment is important and you'll no doubt feel much better after a fun meeting with animated discussion.

6) Plan your own hosting night!

When it's your turn to host, have fun with it! You can find the most adorable "book club" or literary themed napkins to add some themed decor to your spread. Hit up your local Trader Joes or equivalent grocery store and make up a cheese plate (or opt for snacks that fit the theme of your book!). Don't forget the wine!

7) Remember that starting is the hardest part.

Getting members to commit and finally starting out is the hardest part- but it will be so worth it!

Are you inspired to start yours!? What are you waiting for? Ready, set, read!