How to: Customize a Coiled LifePlanner™


You've made the decision to invest in yourself and start planning in an Erin Condren LifePlanner™! Planning not only allows you to stay on top of organization, but it enables you to set & achieve goals and get creative, all in one stylish space!

Our Coiled LifePlanner™ is our signature planner and is perfect for anyone new to planning or looking for a tool to set you on the path to success. Before we dive in, let's talk about how you can customize it to fit your schedule!

Weekly Layout:

One size doesn't fit all, and one planner layout doesn't either! We've developed three weekly layout styles to fit a number of needs.


Our signature vertical layout was designed with three vertical boxes per day so you can section your schedule into blocks of time. Whether you do morning/day/night or work/home/kids is up to you! These blank boxes are yours for the planning!


Our horizontal weekly system is perfect for those craving the structure of lines! Ideal for those planning on a school or academic schedule or anyone who loves planning in full sentences.


The newest addition to our weekly planning layouts, the hourly option was developed for those with a tight schedule built out in hourly increments. From businesspeople to doctors, hair stylists and physical therapists, make the most of every hour.

Color Scheme:

Once you've decided on a weekly planning layout, determine whether you're going all in on color or want to stay a little neutral. Our colorful color scheme features the same stunning designs and inspirational quotes, but in vibrant, gemtone hues. Our neutral option is a more understated version in sophisticated shades of black and gray.


Our sturdy & stylish coils are durable enough to ensure your book never comes uncoiled, yet fashionable enough to make a statement! Upgrade your platinum coil to a metallic gold or rose gold option or go with trendy matte black for your book!

Interchangeable Covers:

Our favorite aspect of our Coiled LifePlanner™? Unlimited cover options! Switch & swap your cover for any occasion and celebration and curate a collection of designer covers. From seasonal styles to personalized photos, enjoy custom covers whenever, wherever!

No matter which combination your decide, we know you'll find something entirely custom to turn your dreams into plans!