Holiday Shopping On a Budget

Here are our top 5 to-do’s to ensure you stress less and celebrate more when shopping this holiday season!

We all know that the holiday season can seem overwhelming mainly due to the sheer number of never-ending gifts that pile up on your list! In addition to presents for family & friends, you often have other unplanned occasions that you need to worry about…and that’s where we come in! We’ve got the lowdown on what to get for your bookclub buddies, your office secret santa, your gym white elephant group or your kid’s teacher & how to budget for these last minute gifts that arise this holiday season.

Before we give you the scoop on saving big this holiday season, have you seen our Holiday Gift Guide?! We’ve narrowed down the categories for you so you can easily find & shop for steals and deals, whether you’re setting a budget of $25 or $50 or simply need a stocking-size stylish present! Take a look & start making your list!

1) Set your budget early on, and be realistic!

You want to make sure you enjoy yourself this holiday season, and stressing about money is not the answer! Make your budget and be realistic about what you can afford to spend (it’s always better to err on the side of caution and give yourself too little rather than too much!) There are tons of easy ways to save leading up to your shopping! For example, if you buy your lunch out 1-2 times per week, or go to Starbucks often, cut out those little luxuries and add that $20+ savings to your gift-giving budget!

2) Create your “to gift” list and allocate funds!

Isolate exactly who you need to buy for and allocate the amount you’re comfortable spending on each person. Realistically, you’re probably going to spend more on your mom’s gift than your across-the-hall neighbor, so make sure you add up those allocated amounts to see where you can save and where you can shift money to cover your total budget. (We recommend doing this work in one of our planners- like the bestselling LifePlanner™, for easy organization!)

3) Take note of sales, steals and promotions!

Make use of major savings during Black Friday & Cyber Monday events. These deals can be easy ways to maximize your budget and get higher value items for lower prices! If you’re worried about an item selling out, make sure you already have an account and add it to cart for quick & efficient check out on the day of!

4) Don’t be afraid to DIY!

While you may not have the time to create something special or homemade for every person on your list, spend a Saturday baking cookies and put them in a beautiful box for a sweet treat that’s a perfect gift for neighbors or coworkers. Homemade crafts, like DIY Shibori is also a hit with on-trend friends!

5) Start early!

The best way to really avoid getting overwhelmed is to knock out the smaller items early. Not only does this prevent you from feeling stressed last-minute, but it puts less pressure on your budget, as you aren’t depleting it in one fell swoop.

The moral of this holiday story is that if you PLAN more, you can stress LESS this holiday season!