10 Tips For Those Recently Engaged

Have you recently gotten engaged but don't have the first clue about where to start with wedding planning? Are you getting overwhelmed by the daunting task ahead of you? Relax, sit back and read our top tips so you can stress less and celebrate more as you plan your perfect big day!

1) Spread the happy news of your engagement!

Before posting on social media, take a minute to reach out to friends and family to share the special news! It's such an exciting and joyful time and is much more meaningful to personally share. Add a touch of sophistication with personalized stationery!


2) Get your nails done to show off your new engagement ring!

Whether you spring for a gel manicure or enlist your talented best friend, make sure your nails are looking their best because you'll be showing off that new bride-to-be bling a lot in the upcoming weeks!

3) Let wedding inspiration strike!

Now for the fun part! Before you can settle on a wedding theme, color scheme or venue, get inspired! From Pinterest boards to bridal magazines, Instagram hashtags and more, immerse yourself in all the different options and decide on the wedding style that fits your aesthetic!

4) Invest in streamlined wedding planning products.

Plan for less stress and more happiness with a streamlined wedding planning process. Avoid feeling overwhelmed or, worse, letting anything fall through the cracks! Start with a wedding planner. For covering all your bases, take the time to research and Invest in full-scale wedding planning products (from a master planner to goal-specific PetitePlanners to personalized stationery, beautiful & functional wedding planning accessories & more). To plan your perfect (and stress-less!) wedding from A to Z, visit the new ultimate wedding planning destination.

5) Set a wedding budget.

Budgeting may not sound like the most fun of tasks, but it is an essential first step when making choices about what kind of wedding to plan for. You can plan a beautiful celebration no matter the budget, but deciding on what's realistic for you and your future spouse right off the bat will make things easier for your later down the line.

6) Get your wedding ring insured!

Check in with your future hubby and double check that your ring was added to the insurance plan. If not, immediately look into insuring that gorgeous and sentimental ring so you can have peace of mind.  

7) Celebrate your wedding engagement!

Whether you're having friends over for a casual barbeque or planning a large, formal affair with your entire family, make a plan to CELEBRATE! Getting married is such a big event in your life and it deserves to be treated as one!  

8) Book a wedding venue as soon as possible.

While you have time to reflect on the details, the first thing you'll want to book is the venue. Large metropolitan cities like Los Angeles or New York can have venues booked almost two years in advance! If you have your heart set on some specific venue, make sure to schedule a tour to get the ball rolling!

9) Draft a bridal party list.

Slowly start to formulate a list of the key players you want in your bridal party. It's an important and meaningful decision that can often be influenced by feelings of guilt or reciprocation. Don't forget it is your day and you make the decision.

10) Enjoy the process of wedding planning!

Don't be too quick to rush into the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. Book a few key vendors that require a longer lead time and then relax! Planning a wedding can definitely be overwhelming, so try to enjoy the process as best you can.