Tackle the next phase of your life with style!

Leaving the nest & going off to school in another city or state can be absolutely terrifying! This huge leap can be daunting, but we're tackling this task with fun tips & tricks so you can make a plan for success!

1) Take orientation seriously

If orientation is optional at your school, definitely make a plan to GO! If it's mandatory, make the most of it! This is the first opportunity you have to tour your campus, meet new people and get a sense of the next four years.

2) Sit in on new classes

Not sure which type of class to take? You can drop classes from your schedule for several weeks, so attend a couple classes and get a feel for the curriculum. Sit in on the lecture and zero in on your passions!

3) Use a Planner!

Whether you're all about the LifePlanner™, or trying out the new coiled Academic Planner, using a planner to keep track of assignments, school holidays, extracurriculars and more!

4) Don't wait to do laundry!

It's easy to procrastinate a task like laundry, but chances are if you're waiting to do it, so is everyone else on your floor! Don't wait because you'll soon find yourself out of clean underwear with no available washing machine! Scope out when the laundry is free and schedule loads then!

5) Use a Meal Tracker

While you can't utilize the meal planning tool if you're stuck eating from a dining hall, you can track what you're consuming so you can spot trends and identify nutrients you're lacking.

6) Network

Take advantage of teachers' office hours and build relationships with professors and guest speakers. You never know which connections can lead to something later!

7) Infuse your dorm room with color

Make a collage of pictures of friends & family, add art prints, choose a colorful bedspread...there are so many ways to add pops of color to your standard, one-size-fits-all dorm room. Get creative!

8) Shower Shoes

A practical and necessary step: don't forget to buy a pair of flip flops you can toss at the end of the year when you move out of your dorm! Keep them stored in your bathroom caddy and say yes to germ free footwear!

9) Find your go-to study spot

At the beginning of the year, check out the major libraries, cafés and quiet spots around campus so you can locate the place that works best for you! If your dorm (or roommate) are loud, it's crucial that you have a sanctuary where you can go to get work done!

10) Don't be afraid to ask for help

It's an adjustment! Know that it is always okay to admit if you're struggling. Seek out counselors and resources available on your college campus and remember that friends & family are just a phone call away.