How To Order

1. Browse through the “galleries” in the products section. When you find what you want, click on the category that will take you to the different designs available. (I have created colorways that show you different layouts for each design).

2. Choose the colorway you have fallen for and complete the order form that will customize your design.

3. You also must choose a CIRCLE or a RECTANGLE for your return address label that I will design to match your cards (if you are ordering a pack of note cards).

It is really simple, actually, it just might take some “getting to know each other” at first...

All my designs are CUSTOM, which means YOU decide what you want them to say. If you want only your FIRST NAME, or maybe your FIRST and MIDDLE? heck, go ahead and put your FIRST, MIDDLE, AND your LAST NAME on the card! Either way works for is entirely up to you. 

I love to design with ALL lower case letters. Occasionally I throw in a Capital Letter if it fits the space better, but there really is not rhyme or reason to is just part of the design. If for some reason you want me to begin each name on your card with a Capital letter, please indicate this in the “special instructions” box.

But keep in mind that each name (depending on how many characters) will change the entire look of the card.

For example, if you are ordering a card that says samantha,
it will look much different than the same card would look if it just read sam.

I will choose the color combinations, text size and layout that best compliments the design you have chosen. Trust me, you will love it!

I can even GIFT WRAP each pack and send them directly to your lucky friends!
...and just like that, you are done. 

I generally quote a 7 day turn around, which means your order will reach its final destination in 10 days or less. Some times are busier than others. I’ll let you know on the site and in your email if shipping times are longer. Occasionally I’ll surprise you by shipping well within a week’s time. 

So get out your address book, palm pilot, & birthday calendar and start shopping! Who said your Holiday shopping couldn’t be finished before Halloween?