growth chart -pinks

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See how your child compares to famous people, four-legged friends & family members… keep track and compare as they grow! For years we have been making pen marks on our bedroom wall to track the fast-growing height of my son & daughter. As I contemplate a new paint color, I have been pondering over how to transfer the measurements we have marked in pen on the wall for the past 6 years. I am so excited to introduce our first product printed on CANVAS! The chart is water resistant, smudgeproof and of course, PERSONALIZED. The top of the chart features the child’s name and birthdate. The left side is a list of everyone from R2D2 to Shaquille O’Neill, heights from 2'1" all the way to 7'0"! (see list of names)

The right side can be printed with your family members & friends, or if it is a gift, the names can be handwritten in later under the corresponding heights. (I suggest using a “sharpie” so they last forever, like the chart will!) The best part is that it can go with you wherever life may take you. Two grommets allow you to hang it on any wall, but it can easily roll up and move whereever you fun to think that someday MY kids might use it to compare the growth of my grandkids! crazy. 

*This Canvas Growth Chart measures 16"" wide and is approximately 5'10" tall. 
*Please note, this is designed to be a fun, whimsical way of tracking a child's height as he/she grows. Please be aware that this is a printed fabric and canvas tends to slightly grow or shrink with ink absorption and climate changes while in transit. The finished product might be slightly off in accuracy, possibly up to 3/4" depending on it's final destination.

dimensions 16" x 5'10"
production time 7 days