gift box briefcase

WRGB01  $59.00
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Wrap your head around this: we've designed a custom briefcase that eliminates the hassle and mess of conventional wrapping! Mix & match the fun box colors and patterns, tissue, stickers, bows, and cards. All you need to simplify and stylize your gift giving is inside! Best of all, these beautiful boxes are collapsible and can be used over and over again!

NO scissors - NO tape - NO measuring - NO waste!  

contents 10 circle stickers to seal with style
square boxes 5 square boxes (7.5”x7.5”x3”)
shirt boxes 5 “shirt” boxes (10”x15.25”x2.8”)
colorful bows 10 colorful bows to assemble and stick
enclosure cards 10 enclosure cards to adhere with bow
colorful tissue 12 sheets of colorful tissue