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As a busy working mom, I have often struggled to keep my family organized since I am not always home to keep them on track. After many focus groups, prototypes, feedback & suggestions, I am thrilled to introduce the FUNctional Family! This organizational system is our go-to-place for managing busy weekly schedules of school/work/sports/events, and creating shopping lists and "honey do" tasks. I have a family of four, but this system was created to manage even larger families with kids of all ages.  I hope the FUNctional Family provides the tools you need to GET IT DONE, SO YOU CAN HAVE SOME FUN!

The Weekly schedule pad is a great place for your entire family to check in on the PLAN for the week!  We all add appointments, school project deadlines, sporting events, birthday parties and anything else happening in the week.  Long daily columns offer plenty of room to pack in the busiest of daily schedules, beginning with Monday and ending with Saturday and Sunday side by side so the weekend is in full view together. (This is just a smaller, more compact version of the "Oh, What a Week!" schedule pad that we offer for those that need more room to write)

Magnetic Lined List Pad Included!

This magnetic pad is ideal for making grocery lists that everyone can add to or TO DO lists that I like to call "honey do!"

dimensions Schedule Pad 8.5" x 11.625" | Magnetic Lined List Pad 8.5" x 4"
sheets 25
set of 1 Chore Chart | 1 Magnetic Lined List