FUNctional family -individual checklist -multi

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As I’ve always said, “necessity truly IS the mother of invention!” This time my creation came to life because I was tired of hearing my own voice and sounding like a nag...

“flush the toilet!”

“turn off the lights!”

“put the cap on the toothpaste!”

“use deodorant!”

“take your vitamins!”

I must say this new Custom Checklist has done wonders in my house already! My kids are really taking ownership of the daily tasks, most of which should just be part of their routine. Perhaps in time these things will become second nature (I hope!), but for now the Checklist is ideal. Everyone will use it differently and that’s the beauty of it being custom-ized. You might leave a few lines blank since tasks will change as the seasons do (rake the leaves, shovel the snow, etc.)!

My twin “tweens” are motivated by allowance money, but their lists aren’t really chores, more like daily hygiene and simple tasks. Soooo, we agreed to give them a reward if ALL the checks are completed, but THEY PAY US if they neglect something on the list. Ha! I hope you find this a helpful tool that creates a FUNctional Family in your home so you can “get it done and have some fun!”

dimensions 8.5" x 11"
sheets 25
set of 1