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Thousands of people have asked, "Erin, what kind of pens do you write with in your Life Planner?" To be honest, I have always grabbed whatever writing tool is nearby! As much as I love to write with Sharpies, the ink would show through to the other side of the page. I also love the color range of "gel rollers" but found the ink would sometimes glob and smear. So, I set out to develop my own set of pens that would be perfect for me and my planner! These extra-fine fiber point beauties have a light, even flow of ink that won't smear or glob. The matte finish on the outside keeps them from slipping while you write. I typically write in blue ink, then doodle or accentuate events with colors. However,  I'm sooooo impressed with how many of you color code to differentiate between work/play, school subjects, kids activities and more!