apples - deskpad

DPD-0201  $30.00

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I must give credit to my partner for this product concept! He has a  large, boring blank pad on his desk that he fills up with notes from  office meetings, new contact numbers, ideas and thoughts that need to be put down on paper before they are lost. He came to me and said, "can  you please design something for ME to use for once!" In creating that  deskpad, we thought up another version with fun colors throughout! Add a photo, and we will create something unique and special to adorn his  desk. This Deskpad is also ideal for any desk that is used for doodling  near the phone at home or in any home office, a fun way to keep your  messages, ideas and "to-do" lists all together in one place!

dimensions 17” x 11”
sheets 36
set of 1